Beyonk pricing

Pay as you go

£0 per month

Pay for only what you need, select the apps you want to suit your business needs

Works on all website types

Unlimited users, activities, events, everything!

Take bookings, manage your business and minimise admin

Sell add-ons, promo codes and vouchers

Connect to 5000+ websites and apps


Custom pricing

Monthly, annual or set price per transaction plans

Every business is different and pricing for one business may not suit another. If you have large volumes, or high average order values or anything else that means our standard pricing plans don’t work for you, then we can accommodate with different options. We offer monthly and annual plans too, so click ‘Get bespoke quote’ and follow the questionnaire to get a quote emailed directly to you that is tailored to your business.

Pay for only what you need

With Beyonk, select the apps you want to use to have a highly bespoke system to suit your business needs, without the complexity

Online booking

From 0% per booking

Pass on a small booking fee of 4% to your customers to have no Beyonk fees. Alternatively absorb this fee within your ticket price. Monthly and annual plans available if preferable.

Point of sale

2% + 10p per booking

Run your business more efficiently by utilising Beyonk’s EPOS booking system to process in-person payments so you never miss an opportunity to make a sale. Includes payment processing fees.

Channel manager

2.5% per booking*

Connect to even more customers by sharing your tickets to third party platform OTAs (Online Travel Agents), such as Expedia, GetYourGuide, TripAdvisor and more.

*Minimum charge of £20 pcm applies

Beyonk marketplace

From 6% per booking

Share your tickets across the Beyonk distribution network for 10% per booking to attract more customers. If you pass on the booking fee, this will also be passed on through the distribution network, reducing the rate you pay to 6%.

All prices exclude sales tax e.g. VAT in UK. Online bookings and Beyonk marketplace prices also exclude Stripe payment processing fees.

Frequently asked questions

Are you the cheapest on the market?

Every business is different, so a cheap payment plan for one business can be an expensive plan for another. If our standard prices listed on our website don’t quite work for you, please get in contact so we can ultimately create a plan that suits for you.

Can I use the system for free?

You can use the system for free to sell free tickets. To take payments and still have no fees to Beyonk you can pass on a booking fee at checkout that your customers cover. You’ll only be left to pay credit card processing fees from Stripe. If you wish to pass these on too, we can arrange that for you.

Why pass on the booking fee?

Our research has monitored the impact of booking fees and have seen at our levels, on typical ticket prices, there is no impact to conversions as the fees can be very low in comparison to the overall order and they’re very common. Many of the industry leaders, both small and large, pass on their booking fee as a result of their own experimentation.

It is a more sustainable business model to have costs distributed through many customers than paying it all yourself and it gives you an online booking system from Beyonk for free.

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs. We offer a significant amount of upfront support to get you set up and your staff to be appropriately trained, as part of our long term partnership. However, if you want premium onboarding where we do all the work for you and train all of your staff, we’d be happy to provide a competitive quote.

I need my staff to be trained, can you help?

Absolutely, let us know and we’ll arrange a zoom call to get your team up to scratch.

I already have bookings and voucher sales on my current system, can I migrate them over?

Yes, get in touch with our support team and we’ll arrange this for you.

I don’t have time to set up my account, can you do it for me?

Everything is self-serve and designed to be intuitive, so getting set up can be simple and quick and we are on hand to help. However, if you want a premium onboarding experience, we can take full control for you. Get in contact for a quote based on the level of support you need.

I’m seasonal, do I have to pay even when I don’t use your system?

With pay as you go, you can use the system as and when you need. For monthly paid fees, get in contact with us and we can arrange a plan change.

How do I get billed?

Monthly fees are charged automatically by direct debit. Pay as you go fees are paid at the time of booking. You’ll have access to invoices and everything is automated.

When do I get paid?

When you sell, money is sent directly to your payment processing account. It can take 5 business days to be paid into your bank account.

What other costs are there?

If you’re based in the UK you will be charged VAT and you’ll get an invoice so you can claim this back. Our systems also integrate with Stripe for secure payment processing. Each booking incurs a charge by Stripe to send funds from your customer's account into your bank account. Let us know if you need more information. Depending on the product you plan to use, let us know and we can advise what the charges may be. E.g. payment processing fees are included in our point of sale devices.