Connect your Beyonk booking system with business apps via Zapier

Watch your admin reduce when you use our Zapier integration tool to connect your Beyonk data to the external software tools you use to power your business.

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Zapier integration

Enable our Zapier integration in the App Store to connect your Beyonk account with over 5,000 apps.

Create your own Zapier account and begin connecting the apps you frequently use to manage your experiences. You can then create a ‘Zap’ between these apps to transfer data from your Beyonk account to any external management systems you use.

This enables you to send gross sales data to your accounting software and even send you a message to apps such as Gmail and Slack to alert you each time a booking is placed.

Tools frequently used with Beyonk

Logos for Gmail, Discord, Slack, Outlook & Facebook

Make business management effortless

We know Beyonk isn’t your only business management tool, that’s why we’ve developed a Zapier integration which allows you to connect external systems to your Beyonk account.

Once you’ve set up an account with Zapier, we’ll provide you with an API key to connect. Once connected, you can set a “Zap” between Beyonk and your other apps.

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Do more with your Beyonk data

Every time a customer makes a purchase from you, you can collect their email, the value of the ticket order and more.

You can use that data to invite customers to your mailing lists, update your accounting software, or even send a Tweet to promote your upcoming experiences.

You can connect with over 5,000 apps which can be easily updated with your Beyonk data.

What you can do with Zapier

Zapier follows an “if this, then that” format, meaning if this happens on Beyonk, then that can happen in another app you’re connected to.

Here’s some possible use cases you can set up with Zapier:

  • Update your CRM every time a customer books with you
  • Automatically send emails to request waivers are filled in
  • Automatically send questionnaires to learn more about your customers
  • Add bookings to your accounting tools

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  • Increase revenue

    Lock in commitment and boost conversion rates. In addition, generate more ticket sales through our unique distribution network.

  • Improve customer experience

    Delight your customers by ensuring they have all the information they need in advance, make sure you’re correctly staffed and ticket queues are reduced with the help of our QR scanning software so you spend less time dealing with unprepared customers.

  • Reduce admin duties

    Once your events are set up and live on your website, customers can self-serve their booking experience whilst your system collects booking details and sends them to your dashboard.

Discover the features we offer by scheduling a demo with our expert sales team.

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Ticketing Features

  • Unrivalled customer support

    Beyonk has a superb team of specialists who are available to talk you through every step of the way.
  • Reduce admin with automated emails

    Beyonk’s software allows you to personalise the booking journey with automated emails.
  • Different ticket types, concessions & memberships

    We allow you to set up complex ticket types and membership tiers through your ticketing system.
  • Cost effective with no hidden fees

    Don’t worry about monthly fees, we operate on a results-based business model, so you only pay when you take a booking.
  • QR codes & scanning

    Now is the best time to go paperless with our fast and effective QR scanning software.
  • Single slot or multi-day scheduling

    Beyonk is the perfect solution to your ticketing needs, we make it easy to set up single and multi-day events simultaneously.
  • Point of sale

    Our E-card reader connects with your Stripe account so you have no unnecessary technical difficulties processing in-person payments.
  • Channel manager

    Gain the exposure you deserve when you share your events and activities through online travel agents such as Expedia.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    Make the most of your new booking system and increase your chance of ticket sales when you enable our shopping cart tool.
  • Business reporting, and sales analysis

    We’ve enabled our software to take accurate readings and put incoming data into a detailed business report.
  • Integrate with 5000+ apps

    Beyonk connects you to over 5000 apps to streamline admin and workflows.
  • Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

    Keep refunds and cancellations simple when you use Beyonk’s simple but effective software.

What our customers say

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The team at Beyonk are incredibly helpful and friendly, and helped to add the booking software to our website quickly and easily. We are really pleased with how it looks, and it is very user friendly.

Ross at Dalemain Mansion

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Our partners

Here at Beyonk, it’s our mission to help our clients be as successful as possible, not just with a simple, yet powerful online booking system. Whether you’re just starting out your online journey or simply wish to reach new audiences, our wide range of clients are here to help share your events and activities via their website. Reach a whole new audience and increase your ticket sales all at the same time.

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3. Integrate

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