Booking system integration with Typeform

If you want to ask your customers questions during the booking process you can do this simply by amending your checkout flow and adding questions. For more lengthy questionairres, Beyonk enables you to connect your booking system with questionairre solutions such as Typeform so that you can ask your clients for more information on how they found your experience, or what sort of level of skill they have to attend a more risky activity. Whatever you want to ask, you can do it with the Beyonk and Zapier integration that allows you to set up emails to your clients to ask them to fill in your questionairre so you can get the information you need. For our in-built questionairre solution, try BookingHound which enables you to build questionairres without the need for an external integration. This keeps everything in one place making it easier for you to manage.

How it works


Head to your App Store in your Beyonk dashboard and select "Zapier". There are instructions in how to use this powerful integration there. Essentially, head over to Zapier and start to configure what actions you want to happen with external applications based on 'events' that happen within the Beyonk booking system.

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