Booking system integration with SMS

Beyonk and BookingHound enables you to connect your booking system with SMS text. There are two ways to leverage text whilst. (1) Connect the Beyonk booking system to Zapier to set up rules for when you would like to receive texts. (2) Using BookingHound, you can buy SMS credits and have each customers texted when bookings are changed or for last minute updates. This makes sure your customers have another communication channel with you, especially important for any last minute changes to the itinerary.

How it works


Head to your App Store in your Beyonk dashboard and select "Zapier". There are instructions in how to use this powerful integration there. Essentially, head over to Zapier and start to configure what actions you want to happen with external applications based on 'events' that happen within the Beyonk booking system.


Head to Account > SMS to get started.

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