Booking system integration with Facebook

Beyonk enables you to integrate with Meta in two key ways.

(1) With Beyonk classic you can track traffic coming from Meta to see how effective your marketing campaigns are.

(2) With Beyonk classic and BookingHound add a deep-link to your page with a big "Book Now" button, so customers can book directly from your account. They'll click the button and be right where they need to be to book your events, activities and tours.

How it works

Beyonk & BookingHound

For analytics, create a Beyonk account and go to your app store. You can configure analytics there and get a step-by-step guide. For adding a deep-link for people to book from your social media account, on Beyonk head to Integrations to get the URL to your booking page, and head to Account > Widgets on My Site for BookingHound.

You can then use the URL to add to your Instagram pages and posts at any point in the booking journey to promote different activities, vouchers or products. For information check out our help articles in our support centre or contact our team of experts and we'll be happy to help!

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