Booking system integration with Calendar

Beyonk has a sophisticated central calendar for you to see what you have scheduled, what you have taken bookings for and which team members are running each event. You can dig into the detail by clicking into all of the links to see who are the guests arriving, who has been checked-in and more. If you wish to take bookings and sync it with your external calendar such as Outlook or Gmail, then there are two ways to connect your Bookings to your external calendars. (1) Every single booking or cancellation you make has the ability to download a calendar invite file. You can add and remove invitations to your calendar if you wish. (2) With Beyonk classic, use our Zapier connection to connect your calendar to Beyonk where you can take a similar action. But instead of having to click into each email, the meeting invitations can be added to your calendar automatically.

How it works


Either click into each booking email you get to "Add to calendar" which will automatically add the event to your calendar. Or head over the the App Store within your Beyonk account and select "Zapier". Follow the instructions from there to sync your bookings with your calendar.

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