Unlock powerful tools with Beyonk’s Zapier integration

How does a Zapier integration work and what exactly does that mean for you? Keep reading to find out.

Unlock powerful tools with Beyonk’s Zapier integration
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Unlock powerful tools with Beyonk’s Zapier integration | Beyonk Blog
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How does a Zapier integration work and what exactly does that mean for you? Keep reading to find out.
Last year, we introduced a new feature which enables customers to connect tools they are already using such as Gmail, Outlook and Calendars to their Beyonk account through a Zapier integration. This makes it easier for companies like yours to manage your business and connect Beyonk data to those external software tools.
But how does that work and what exactly does that mean for you? Keep reading to find out.

Enabling Zapier integration

In order to use this feature, you’ll first have to create your own Zapier account through their website and connect all the apps you frequently use.
Once you have that set up, return to your Beyonk account, click “Apps” on the left hand side, then “Discover Apps” and scroll until you find “Zapier” and click “Enable”.
Once you have enabled this feature in your Beyonk account, you’ll be redirected to the ‘Manage’ tab which provides you with a unique API key. Copy this and return to your Zapier account and add Beyonk as a new connection.
You’ll receive an access prompt which then requests an API key. Paste this into the required field and click “Yes, Continue”. Your account will then be connected!

Setting up ‘Zaps’

Returning to your Zapier dashboard, you should see an option to “+Create zap”. Search for Beyonk and click the integration when it pops up. For the ‘Event’, choose a trigger. This will be what needs to happen in order to trigger the action. For example, your trigger might often be “New purchase created”, which will then inform a series of actions you want to happen such as transferring customer data to your CRM.
You’ll then be asked what other account you want the information moved to, in this case it would be the CRM your company uses and Zapier will give you the option to test this before creating the ‘Action’ part of this ‘Zap’.
The ‘Action’ part of this allows you to choose what information you want to be sent between Beyonk and your CRM such as first and last name, contact details and booking information.
Once that is completed, your ‘Zap’ is now ready to be used whenever a booking is made on your website.
For more detailed information on how to set this up, please refer to our Zapier integration support article.

What platforms can Beyonk connect to?

Beyonk allows you to connect to over 5,000+ apps and platforms using your Zapier account. As long as Zapier enables it, you can connect it to your Beyonk account. From marketing apps such as Facebook, ActiveCampaign, Expedia and Freshdesk to finance platforms such as Stripe, Sage and QuickBooks.
Discover the most common Zapier integrations we see are listed on our website.

Why is a Zapier integration useful?

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Our Zapier integration is completely free to use, as are most of Beyonk’s booking features. This is just an added benefit of choosing to sell tickets through us, we make managing your business using our software effortless.
Data is everything. It allows us to see an accurate measure of how our business is performing in real time and compare that to previous quarters and years. It’s also a great indicator for future performance and allows us to plan forward. With our Zapier integration, the data recorded in your Beyonk account can be transferred to your
Another way this tool can aid your business is by sending out digital waivers every time a new order is placed, ensuring customers know any risks ahead of time and that all paperwork is signed prior to arrival, ensuring a seamless experience on the day.
Depending on the type of CRM you’re using to run your business, this tool can ensure any new customer information created when a booking is made is automatically transferred to your CRM account. This removes any need for manual implementation and means all the data you need is stored in a single platform.
There are over 5,000 reasons why using our Zapier integration tool can be useful to you. So, why not try it? It’s completely free.
If you have any questions about this feature, please do contact your customer support agent. Or if you’re not yet a customer and would like to discuss other ways Beyonk could be of benefit to your business, book a meeting with us below to learn more.
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