Ticketing software for the leisure industry

Enhance customer satisfaction with the Beyonk booking platform to boost online ticket sales and streamline administrative tasks. Beyonk is a user-friendly and robust leisure booking system designed to cater to providers of immersive experiences.

  • Market-leading booking journey that is 70% quicker to checkout

  • Real-time booking availability

  • Fully optimized mobile platform

  • Robust data analytics and insights

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ticketing software for the leisure industry

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The best ticketing software for the leisure industry to surpass the competition and sell more tickets

At Beyonk, we're reshaping the leisure industry with a suite of features that prioritize efficiency, convenience, and excellence. Our resource management and staff scheduling capabilities form the backbone of automated bookings, freeing you from the complexities of manual admin. By seamlessly integrating these functions, you're empowered to provide unforgettable experiences while we take care of the rest behind the scenes.

We empower you with our self-service tool, granting your customers unprecedented control over their bookings. No more answering calls or sifting through emails for potentially hundreds of customer requests. Beyonk puts the power in your customers hands, allowing them to manage reservations, make changes, and even make cancellations with ease. This not only elevates customer satisfaction but also reduces your administrative workload.

Unlock the potential of lasting relationships through our memberships and seasonal passes. Craft bespoke membership programs that cultivate loyalty and reward customer commitment. Seamlessly manage seasonal passes, granting access to unforgettable adventures, all within the Beyonk ecosystem. And when it comes to event access, our industry-leading QR capability revolutionizes check-ins, ensuring swift, secure, and contactless entry for all attendees, thereby prioritizing their safety and convenience.

Stay ahead of the game by capturing customer feedback through online questionnaires. Speed up the on-day process and enhance safety by sending digital waivers pre-event, leaving both you and your customers with peace of mind.

Beyonk's intuitive leisure booking system provides optimized workflows to shave off valuable time, ensuring that from decision to booking, your customers are engaged faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Foster loyalty with memberships and seasonal passes

Introduce a world of possibilities through our customisable membership and seasonal pass features. Beyonk's platform facilitates the easy creation and management of membership programs, enabling you to foster a loyal customer base. 

Whether it's unlocking exclusive perks or offering seasonal passes for unforgettable experiences, our solution allows you to connect with your customers and provide benefits that will have them booking repeat visits..

Automated resource management and staff scheduling

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual bookings and staff coordination. Beyonk's cutting-edge platform empowers you to automate your booking procedures seamlessly. 

Our resource management and staff scheduling tools work in perfect harmony to ensure a staff member is assigned to all bookings or time slots, whilst also guaranteeing that all of your valuable resources are allocated correctly, preventing double bookings and maximising your operational efficiency. 

Say hello to a stress-free and optimized booking process with Beyonk.

ticketing software for the leisure industry

Empower your customers with a seamless self-service tool

Your customers deserve convenience at their fingertips and you deserve to spend less time on the phone or answering emails. Beyonk has a powerful self-service tool that grants your customer full control over their bookings. No more waiting on hold or sending countless emails, with our intuitive platform, customers can effortlessly manage their reservations, make changes, and even cancel if necessary. 

Elevate customer satisfaction by offering them the autonomy they desire and save yourself countless hours.

Stay ahead with Beyonk's industry-leading QR capability

Embrace the future of event check-ins and reservations with Beyonk's state-of-the-art QR capability. Our platform's QR code integration sets the gold standard for efficiency and security, allowing seamless scanning for instant admission. 

Say goodbye to paper-based systems and step into a new era of rapid, contactless entry, making the whole experience easier and more efficient for both staff and guests.

ticketing software for the leisure industry

Elevate check-in efficiency by capturing attendee questions and sending digital waivers

Simplify your event day operations with Beyonk's advanced attendee engagement tools. Gather essential information prior to a customer's visit with questionnaires or use this feature to discover how your customers enjoyed the experience post-event.

Additionally, you can expedite the check-in processes by sending out digital waivers ahead of time. This not only accelerates on-site registration but also enhances safety and compliance and allows customers the time they need to read through the fine print.

Swift and seamless booking journeys that is 70% faster

Time is of the essence, and Beyonk values your every moment. Experience the fastest booking journey on the market, shaving off up to 70% of the time typically required to make a booking. 

Our streamlined interface and optimized workflows ensure that from the moment a customer decides to book, they'll be enjoying their experience in no time. Maximize your efficiency and deliver an unmatched booking experience with Beyonk.

Ticketing features


Staff scheduling and resource management

Beyonk optimizes your resource allocation and staff schedules effortlessly, automating all your booking needs.


Customer self service tool

With Beyonk's self-service tool, your customers are empowered to take charge of their bookings, hassle-free.


Memberships and seasonal passes

Beyonk offers seamless management for memberships and seasonal passes, which help to encourage repeat visits.


Industry-leading QR capability

Elevate your ticketing with Beyonk's industry-leading QR capability, setting new standards in event efficiency.


Send questionnaires and waivers

Beyonk effortlessly captures customer queries and expedites check-ins by sending waivers and questionnaires in advance or post-event.


Simplest booking journey on the market

Experience the swiftest booking journey on the market with Beyonk, reducing booking time by up to 70%.

Why Beyonk?

Why is Beyonk different from alternative booking systems? Beyonk’s mission is to make booking experiences easier for all and that begins with experience providers having the tools they need to operate their business and sell more tickets online.

Beyonk not only allows you to use our software, but we actively work to promote your events, activities and tours on our social media platforms and Beyonk’s marketplace.

ticketing software for the leisure industry

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The booking system is easily integrated and the back end is easy to navigate through. Oscar and the team are always on hand and constantly taking on feedback on how to improve the system.

Kieran at Sea Kayak Torbay

ticketing software for the leisure industry

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