We believe healthy, active lifestyles are integral to both physical and mental wellbeing, empowering people to make the most of their time on this rock. At Beyonk, we’re making it easy to discover the best adventures, both on your doorstep and further afield, with qualified and passionate adventure leaders.

We help you:

1. Get active

Make the most of your weekend, you'll never answer that Monday morning question with 'oh, nothing much really'

2. Challenge yourself

Make awesome memories and get that 'high-five' sense of achieving a personal goal or overcoming a fear

3. Go Wild

Get out into nature and reconnect with the beauty of our awesome planet

Our story

The Beyonk journey started on a far-from-typical British day - the sun was shining, an uncharacteristically warm summer breeze blew across the city, and Beyonk founder Oscar White was looking for something new to do outdoors around London. Seeking an adventure that would offer a feeling of escaping the city, he was determined to make the most of the British countryside.

After multiple Google searches, tab after tab, page after page, and feeling the time pressure as morning turned afternoon, Oscar finally found the perfect adventure - A guided hike in the hills of Surrey, just a short trip from London. And so it was, a relaxed, energising mini adventure with a lovely bunch of like-minded outdoors enthusiasts.

This ignited Oscar's passion for micro adventures, but the challenges he faced finding and booking this trip also inspired him to create Beyonk - a central platform to help adventure-seekers find experiences on their doorsteps and beyond.

Since then, Team Beyonk have built relationships with some of the best adventure leaders across the UK and further afield. We've developed software to make it easier and simpler to find and book adventures with qualified, seasoned professionals (the real stars of the show). We want to change the image of adventuring, making it truly accessible even if you're much more Marks & Spencers than mountain goat. This means ensuring there are a whole host of adventures available to cater to all ability levels, with clear and detailed information on equipment required (usually included) and logistics - so you can just turn up and get stuck in!

Our values

Balance is key

Taking time out of busy schedules to focus on mental and physical health is central to living life to its fullest. Through promoting active lifestyles and supporting those with mental health challenges, we aim to contribute to healthier, happier lives.

Positive impact

‘Maybe we should think about sustainability' just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. We believe that you should embody the change you want to see in the World, so we will do everything in our power to ‘leave it better' and positively impact both the social and physical environment in which we live and operate.

Adventure is for everyone

Adventure should not just be for the elite athletes out there. We can break down the barriers to getting more people outdoors by working with adventure leaders to help provide education on the how, what and why. We want to help people challenge their own limits, whatever those whether that's your first mountain or your first mile!

Our purpose

We all know the World has changed. Even with the recent encouraging surge in wellness, health and finding balance, our children are facing the most sedentary lifestyles than any generations before them. Parks, pools and recreational spaces are losing out to screen time as tablets and mobiles become the new window to the world. It is unsurprising that, as quoted by the Guardian, three-quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates.

The mental and physical health implications are well documented; with increasing levels of obesity and loneliness indicative of a generation turning to online environments for their social interactions and development. Something has to give in order to proactively, rather than reactively, help young people discover the amazing benefits of getting away from their screens to explore the amazing country that we call home.

So how do we combat a generation of children addicted to screens

By stripping it back. World adventurer Al Humphreys refers to the first steps towards a goal as ‘the doorstep mile', the most challenging part being getting out your front door in the first place. We will make these first steps as easy as possible, by offering an awesome range of activities, suitable for a range of ability levels, all within a reasonable distance from where you live. Combine this with adventure leaders that provide all the information you'll need on logistics and equipment, plus the patience to coach, coax and high-five you down that cliff, along that river or up that mountain; and we genuinely believe we can change some lives.

Beyonk promise

Connecting adventure seekers to awesome experiences is at the heart of everything we do; it’s our raison d’etre so without it, we are nothing! We'll do everything in our power to ensure you have a seamless, frustration-free experience with Beyonk. If for any reason you aren’t happy, we’re always here to help. As you’ll be adventuring with the guides themselves, we do ask that you contact the leader first via the handy Beyonk messaging system, allowing them to respond to any issues you raise and provide options. If you are still not satisfied with their response or are unable to settle an issue, we are happy to get involved to help find a solution. We kindly ask that you tell us within 72 hours of the adventure, and we’ll help sort it!

Best adventures

At Beyonk we link you directly to local adventure leaders. We vet these adventure leaders to make sure they:

  1. Have a track record of delivering great adventures
  2. Are passionate and experienced in the activity and region they operate in
  3. Have industry qualifications and insurance
  4. Are fluent in English and keen to help people get outdoors
  5. Are focused on going above and beyond, willing to take care of logistics from train station pick-up, providing equipment and planning accommodation where possible

We'll always give you the same price you'd get if you went directly to them, that's our promise.. And because we put you directly into contact with adventure leaders, you're saving money that you may have been paying to tour operators, agents or typical intermediaries that take a slice (cheeky buggers).

By adventuring with Beyonk, we're focused on ensuring you get the best experiences with qualified outdoor professionals. We're here to help and your happiness is our priority.

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