Fuller’s Brewery Have Seen a 10% Increase in Revenue Since Using BookingHound

Discover how BookingHound’s ticketing system helped Fuller’s Brewery increase revenue by 10%.

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Fuller’s Brewery Have Seen a 10% Increase in Revenue Since Using BookingHound | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how BookingHound’s ticketing system helped Fuller’s Brewery increase revenue by 10%.
Brewing has taken place on this West London site since at least 1654, with the business changing hands several times as the brewery site grew. Starting in 1845, the collective stewardship of the Griffin Brewery by the Fuller, Smith & Turner families; proved a lasting legacy.
Since 2019, the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery has been owned & operated by Asahi. In the 1990s, Brewery Tours were becoming more common. Jill, one of their lab technicians, was tasked with showing a group of guests around on the first Thursday of each month.
Interest increased massively over the years. We now operate an average of 5 tours a day, 6 days a week. But Jill is still here, sharing her passion and pride for the work we do here.

After reviewing several companies, Fuller’s Brewery opted to work with BookingHound

Initially, Fuller’s Brewery were working with another company who had begun to make their way into online ticketing, however, when their contract ended, they began seeking an alternative solution.
It was during this time they had begun receiving a series of emails from various companies and after narrowing down their options to a shortlist, they met with representatives from each company to determine the best fit for them.
“BookingHound gave us a lot more freedom to sell tickets and gift vouchers through third parties. Previously this process was very complex and required a lot of manual work on my part to reach out to the customer individually about their voucher code and the time and date they’d like to visit. Now, customers have much more flexibility to make a booking and use a voucher code without needing to speak to me. The user journey for customers has improved exponentially with BookingHound.”
Jason at Fuller’s Brewery

The customer support team is one of Fuller’s favourite things about working with BookingHound

“The responsiveness of the team is one of my favourite things about BookingHound. If I've ever got a question, they are very quick to come up with a solution and recommendations. They take the time to really understand my issue and help to solve it, and that includes any future problem I may have as a result. I love that kind of engagement we get.”
Jason at Fuller’s Brewery
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Source: Fuller’s Brewery

Fuller’s Brewery saw a reduction in general admin duties simply by using BookingHound for their online ticketing

As a business, Fuller’s Brewery has managed to save general admin time just by using the BookingHound software. It’s allowed them to spend more time on overall business changes, including allowing them to collaborate with more third parties.
Previously, their only third party reseller was Virgin Experience Days, however, with the integration of BookingHound’s software, this has since developed.
“BookingHound has helped me to manage my workload much more effectively and allows me to issue more concise reports internally.”
Jason at Fuller’s Brewery

Fuller’s Brewery found revenue had increased by 10% this quarter

Despite a slow January and February, Fuller’s Brewery found the revenue they gained in March alone exceeded their expectations by 10% for the entire quarter.
This was really encouraging for them as a business and they expect this upward trend to continue as they move into the second quarter and experiences in general become more desirable for summer and autumn season.
“The main reason we'd recommend BookingHound is the engaging service we’ve received so far. It's the team and their approach to helping their customers that we find the most delightful.”
Jason at Fuller’s Brewery
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Source: Fuller’s Brewery

When asked for his top tips for new tourism businesses, Jason said:

“Never underestimate the number of partnerships you require to run even the simplest of attractions. Unless you're doing absolutely all of your marketing, you're going to want to use third party resellers in order to spread brand awareness. You’ll need the right technology for that. So never underestimate the number of agreements and integrations required.”
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Schedule a free demo with our specialist team for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals.
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