Survival Combat Games Saved 20% Admin Time With The Help of Beyonk

Discover how Survival Combat Games saved 20% admin time with the help of the Beyonk booking system.

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Survival Combat Games Saved 20% Admin Time With The Help of Beyonk | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how Survival Combat Games saved 20% admin time with the help of the Beyonk booking system.
Survival Combat Games is North Devon’s biggest laser and airsoft site. Their experiences are ideal fun for families, friends or work team building.
They’ve been in operation since 1988 and work hard to ensure adults and children of all abilities and ages can enjoy safely.

Beyonk’s booking features and slick design caught the eye of Survival Combat Games.

Their previous booking system was a feature of their website builder which was outdated and didn’t have essential features such as reminder and thank you emails. They also struggled to control resources such as gun hires, grenades and food as their previous system didn’t have the functionality needed to sell extras.
The need for another booking solution became increasingly obvious. A member of staff discovered Beyonk after booking tickets through Quince Honey Farm, a current Beyonk client. Initial impressions were how easy the system was to use and how attractive it looked on the website, therefore the Survival Combat Games team decided to look into what Beyonk offered in more detail.

An online demonstration was all it took for Survival Combat Games to choose Beyonk.

During their research they requested an online demonstration with our solutions team and after receiving a run-through of our features and pricing, Survival Combat Games chose to use Beyonk for their online ticketing.
“All of Beyonk’s features are amazing to be honest, but I really like the reporting feature which allows us to see what bookings we had for a particular month, how that compares to other months and how easy it is to go and make changes in the booking portal since how many guns we have ready to hire out changes week to week. Being able to change people’s bookings to another date and notify them is really easy for us to do and they receive a new confirmation email automatically.”
Katie at Survival Combat Games
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Source: Survival Combat Games

Beyonk’s customer service has only continued to go from strength to strength.

Beyonk’s customer service has been an important mode of support for Survival Combat Games who recently reached out for help over the weekend. With Beyonk’s 24/7 customer support, they were on the phone within thirty minutes of the email being received and the issue was resolved.
The dedication Beyonk has to its clients no matter how long they’ve been a client is something Survival Combat Games find as a huge bonus.

Survival Combat Games has seen an increase in revenue and a 20% decrease in admin duties.

Whilst it’s difficult to tell whether implementing the Beyonk booking system has contributed to revenue intake, Survival Combat Games are now able to use the add-on feature to sell extras such as gun hire, grenades and food, something they were not previously able to do with their old booking system. Having access to this feature alone has allowed them to increase their revenue opportunities and provide customers with a more quality experience.
The team have also noticed at least a 20% increase in their admin responsibilities now they have a system that allows them to block out availability, keep track of all bookings and easily report on previous months.
“Beyonk is a simple, easy-to-use system with great customer service. We love it.”
Katie at Survival Combat Games
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