Best Tours Prague Enhances Their Booking Experience with BookingHound

Discover how Best Tours Prague enhanced their booking experience with the help of BookingHound.

Best Tours Prague Enhances Their Booking Experience with BookingHound
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Best Tours Prague Enhances Their Booking Experience with BookingHound | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how Best Tours Prague enhanced their booking experience with the help of BookingHound.
Best Tours Prague, the leading provider of historical and cultural walking tours in Prague, has been updating its booking process with BookingHound's intuitive software.
With over 2 years of experience in the tourism industry, Best Tours Prague relies heavily on third-party distribution platforms such as TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, and Airbnb Experiences for bookings.

The Challenge: Managing Bookings Without Booking Software

Best Tours Prague operated successfully for years without dedicated booking software. The company primarily leveraged third-party distribution platforms to handle bookings, which continues to service them to date with the majority of their bookings.
Despite this, the need for a way to save money on commission and the ability to provide customers with discounts if they book directly through their website became more apparent

The Decision to Explore Direct Booking Solutions

A turning point for Best Tours Prague was Airbnb's provision of a booking widget to be added to their own website which offered lower commissions to high-performing experience hosts. This widget provided a degree of trust and recognition for Best Tours Prague, as customers were more willing to book through their website when they were associated with a well known company such as Airbnb.
However, a change in circumstances led Best Tours Prague to explore an alternative solution that would allow them to continue offering direct bookings through their own website.

Why BookingHound Stood Out

In their search for a suitable booking solution, Best Tours Prague evaluated various well-known booking platforms. However, BookingHound emerged as the most fitting choice for their business for a few reasons.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatibility with Stripe payment processing
  • Stripe and BookingHound’s low fees
  • Booking features such as discount codes
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Why Recommend BookingHound

Best Tours Prague sees several compelling reasons to recommend BookingHound to others in the industry:
  • Having the booking form embedded into their website
  • BookingHound’s intuitive interface and ease of use
  • Additional booking features and flexibility
For Best Tours Prague, their primary focus was ease of use and low fees, which BookingHound was easily able to provide.
“I find the platform works really well, it’s fairly intuitive and relatively easy to use. It’s also very low maintenance which is great for me as I like to be left alone to get on with business, however, should I need something, I can easily contact you and get a response pretty much straight away. I find the staff very friendly, very professional and quick to respond.”
Linton, Owner at Best Tours Prague

Future Expansion

Best Tours Prague’s success has inspired plans for expansion. They intend to replicate their model in Berlin, with the goal of launching new tours and growing their presence in another European city.

Awards and Recognition

Best Tours Prague has earned several prestigious awards in 2023, including TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award for History & Culture Tours in 2023, ranking 19th in the world. They were also honoured with the Viator Award in 2023 for being one of the top 10 Beverage Tours in Europe.
Best Tours Prague continues to thrive, driven by a commitment to providing exceptional historical and cultural experiences, aided by online travel agents and BookingHound's efficient booking management platform.
Header Image Source: Best Tours Prague
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