Beyonk is on a
mission to make it effortless to experience

76% of global consumers would rather spend money on experiences over things, yet it’s much easier to buy ‘things’.

Beyonk is on a mission to make it effortless to experience, to bring the experiences sector into the digital age so we can enhance lives.

This is something we’re so passionate about, our CEO set a world record for running the fastest marathon in a tent whilst raising awareness that 75% of kids spend less time outdoors than prison inmates. A key barrier to getting active and doing more, are the digital barriers to finding and booking experiences.

By solving the experience-providers' key challenges, Beyonk helps to:


Optimise operations for the ability to sell online

Simple yet powerful ticketing tools to maximize revenue, minimise admin and delight customers for experience providers.


Grow connectivity and visibility to attract customers

Greater online visibility for businesses working with major event booking platforms who want to support local businesses with industry-low third party fees to showcase the best of destinations, activities, nearby places to stay or brands.


Millions of bookings processed


Thousands of event providers


One platform and team, you and us, together

Backed by the best

We're backed by leading individual and venture capital investors from the travel, sport and software industries. We’ve partnered with many of the largest travel, event and tourism promoting platforms to help local businesses get found and booked with online at fair rates. Our goal is to create a long-lasting community of experiences providers and tourism promoting platforms to build the leading experience booking platform.


Doing things right

Everything we do at Beyonk is to make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to make it effortless to experience to help more people make the most of their free time, from getting active to experience new cultures and events, we're passionate about making it easier than ever before to find and book great experiences.

Beyond our mission, we're building a responsible and sustainable business. We have a climate neutral workforce where we invest in sustainable initiatives to more than offset our employees carbon footprint.

We’re a passionate team of expert tourism and leisure advisors and we’ll do all we can to help our partners succeed.


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