Sea Kayak Exmouth Increased Revenue By 1,823% Since 2020

Discover how Sea Kayak Exmouth have increased their revenue by 1,823% since 2020 with the help of Beyonk.

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Sea Kayak Exmouth Increased Revenue By 1,823% Since 2020 | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how Sea Kayak Exmouth have increased their revenue by 1,823% since 2020 with the help of Beyonk.
Sea Kayak Exmouth is a watersport tour operator based in Exmouth, Devon. They offer guided kayaking trips and courses along the Exe Estuary for individuals, groups and families.

After their first year in operation, the need for a more self-serve, automated online solution was essential.

When the company first began in the summer of 2019, Sea Kayak Exmouth spent the first year taking bookings via phone and email. During their second year, they published their website and an integrated booking system that allowed them to start receiving online bookings. Despite that, the system they were using wasn’t very transparent and often didn’t notify the team when new bookings were made.
Going into 2021, the Sea Kayak Exmouth team knew they’d need a new booking solution and coincidentally were approached by Beyonk, who felt like a very easy fit and an honest company. After investigating the Beyonk website and speaking to the sales team, Sea Kayak Exmouth decided to take the plunge and have never looked back.

Beyonk’s 4% booking fee is what initially stood out above competitors.

Upon initial review of multiple booking systems, Sea Kayak Exmouth were faced with issues surrounding pricing. Many companies seemed to be changing up to a 20% booking fee or upfront costs which the team knew wasn’t a sustainable solution for them considering they were still a relatively new business.
When they came across Beyonk, they noticed the pricing was significantly different to competitors at only 4% booking fee which can be passed onto the customer.
“Sometimes these pricing promises don’t match up when you actually start working with a company but for Beyonk, the price definitely did live up to what was initially proposed.”
Ian Dovey, Sea Kayak Exmouth
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Source: Sea Kayak Exmouth

Beyonk’s willingness to listen to their customers and help them achieve their business goals was a great advantage.

What stood out to the Sea Kayak Exmouth team was Beyonk’s customer care service and how willing they were to hear about features the team needed.
It was very easy to pick up the phone and talk to a specific person for any help or guidance that was needed, including having someone sit down and personally show them through new features to see if it was right for their business.

Booking enquiries have significantly reduced due to the ease of use of the Beyonk booking form.

“Beyonk made us a company, really. If we didn’t have that we could have quite easily thrown in the towel as it wouldn’t have been sustainable. We wouldn’t have had the bookings coming through or have an online solution for our customers that allows them to make a booking in a few clicks. Because of Beyonk, our enquiries have reduced significantly from 9 in 10 to just 1 in 10.”
Ian Dovey, Sea Kayak Exmouth
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Source: Sea Exmouth Kayak

Sea Kayak Exmouth have received a remarkable 1,823% increase in revenue since 2020, partially attributed to Beyonk

Sea Kayak Exmouth’s first two summers brought in a reasonable profit, however, since 2021, with making the switch to Beyonk’s online ticketing solution and the lockdown restrictions lifting, the team have found revenue has increased by 1,823% to date, with a few months of the year left to go.
“The Beyonk booking platform can be integrated with your website really easily and run separately on a portal, so there’s choice there depending on business preferences. It’s very seamless for customers to book and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.”
Ian Dovey, Sea Kayak Exmouth
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