Traquair House Cuts Events Admin By 20% With The Help of Beyonk

Discover how Traquair House cut their events admin responsibilities by 20% with the help of the Beyonk booking system.

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Traquair House Cuts Events Admin By 20% With The Help of Beyonk | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how Traquair House cut their events admin responsibilities by 20% with the help of the Beyonk booking system.
Traquair House is the oldest continuously inhabited house in Scotland, dating back over 900 years. It was first opened to the public in 1958 with the current owner's grandfather providing tours of certain rooms. Since then, Traquair has welcomed over 1 million visitors.
Originally a hunting lodge for Scotland’s Kings and Queens, Traquair has strong associations with Mary Queen of Scots and the Jacobites.

Beyonk was the favoured choice

Prior to using Beyonk, taking bookings was a mainly manual process, the Traquair House team used their WooCommerce website to sell tickets for individual events such as their Christmas and Mediaeval fairs. General admission for the house and grounds was only handled manually because the complexities they needed weren't possible in WooCommerce. Reporting was also a huge challenge the team faced because they weren’t able to generate the reporting information they needed from WooCommerce.
In early 2020, Traquair House began their search for an online booking solution alongside other members of The Big Houses of the Borders group; a group of 11 privately owned historic houses working together. The team first considered Fareharbor as an option but found their transaction charges to be expensive and lacking in certain tools they needed to operate, such as the ability to add gift aid for certain types of tickets. Eventbrite was another alternative solution considered, and although the platform was found to be good for events administration, it didn’t support general admission or have the flexibility required.
Traquair found Beyonk through the Historic Houses Association, where the company was promoting its services to houses open to the public.
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Source: Traquair House

Beyonk’s simple and easy-to-use system won over Traquair House

Traquair House joined a live demonstration with the Beyonk solutions team and found the system to be easy-to-use from a user point of view, which was a huge relief compared to the complexities they were used to.
The ability to set up multiple ticket types, block out days, see their schedules in a central calendar and create financial reports was the perfect solution to their ticketing needs.
“The support team were great to work with, the next step was very simple, and we were immediately allocated to Sam who was always on call whenever we needed help. He trained us to do things we needed to and let us try things out ourselves; but we always felt he was available to help us if we had a question. We’re not a tech business, we simply want to offer more experiences and attract visitors to Traquair House. And behind that, the ability to produce reports easily is essential.”
Gillian Steele, Events & Marketing Manager

Traquair House have been able to reduce their overall administrative duties for events and ticketing by 20%. With the help of Beyonk’s detailed financial and health reports, they were able to reduce 3-4 hours of manual reporting to just 10 minutes, allowing the team to focus on other aspects of the business.

The QR ticket scanning process has also been a significant tool for the team when welcoming guests. Prior to this, the office team had to manually produce a spreadsheet of all guests visiting on a particular day and the gate team then used a highlighter to mark off guests when arriving.  At the end of an event, this was handed back to the office to work out numbers attending, and revenue generated.

Using Beyonk’s QR codes for admissions at events has helped significantly improve the entire check-in process and how they welcome visitors.

Traquair House has seen an increase in event bookings during spring and summer 2022. Whilst a lot of this is attributed to people looking to get out more due to the pandemic restrictions lifting, they have found many more customers want to book tickets in advance to be sure of being able to attend an event or visit the House, and as such have found the use of an online booking system extremely beneficial.
“The system wasn’t difficult to implement and set up, plus the support Beyonk has provided during the onboarding process and afterwards has been fantastic.”
Gillian Steele, Events & Marketing Manager
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Source: Traquair House
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