Minterne House & Gardens Have Reduced Booking Admin By 65% With the Help of Beyonk

Discover how Minterne House & Gardens have reduced booking admin duties with the help of Beyonk’s advanced ticketing tools.

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Minterne House & Gardens Have Reduced Booking Admin By 65% With the Help of Beyonk | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how Minterne House & Gardens have reduced booking admin duties with the help of Beyonk’s advanced ticketing tools.
Minterne House & Gardens is a stunning country house and himalayan garden situated in the heart of Dorset. It has been home of the Churchill and Digby families since 1620 and is not open to the public, except for private events such as wedding ceremonies and corporate events.
The gardens are available to visit and are around a mile in length. Explore their world renowned himalayan rhododendrons and azaleas, rare trees, a chain of small lakes, waterfalls and streams. There’s so much to discover here.

Minterne House & Gardens traded their manual booking process for an automated, online solution.

A few years ago Minterne House & Gardens had a manual booking process in place, where customers would ring up to book a visit and pay through BACs payment, which required the team to manually check every transaction. This very quickly became a tiresome job.
The need for an online booking solution became more apparent, especially considering all the seasonal events the company runs including their annual fireworks event and seasonal trails.
Eventually, they were approached by another booking system provider, who initially convinced the Minterne House & Garden team to try their hand at online booking. However, the set up process became very onerous and they ran into many difficulties along the way and couldn’t seem to reach anybody for support.
During this time, they were recommended another system, BookingHound by an event organiser they were working with. After some deliberation, they decided to stop working with the other booking system and looked into BookingHound as a potential solution. From there, it was suggested that Beyonk would be the better option for their business in the long term.
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Source: Minterne House & Gardens

Beyonk’s customer service and ease of use stood out above all competitors.

After signing up to Beyonk and speaking to the team, it became clear very quickly this partnership would be beneficial to the Minterne House & Garden team. They found communication with Beyonk’s customer service team was exceptional and they always received a response.
“We put the pressure on Beyonk to help us get everything live and running within 10 days for our previous fireworks event a few months ago and they delivered. After some zoom meetings and live training, it all came together pretty easily. It was just a brilliant service.”
Maureen Panchen, Minterne House & Gardens

Minterne House & Gardens have found great value in Beyonk and have managed to reduce booking administrative duties by 65%.

Since partnering with Beyonk, the team’s booking administrative duties has reduced by 65%, allowing them to focus on ensuring they’re creating the best experiences possible for their customers.
"There are several things that made Beyonk stand out. The support and advice was brilliant all round, every time I sent an email, I always got one back the same day or received a phone call. It was nice being able to talk to a person and if something was a bit too complicated to talk about on email, they’d just ring me up and talk me through it. Excellent, I couldn’t recommend Beyonk more."
Maureen Panchen, Minterne House & Gardens
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Source: Minterne House & Gardens

“Flexibility is the best decision we made for our business.”

Minterne House & Gardens commented that the key to their success, particularly with the events of the last few years, has been remaining inventive and flexible with their events and the decision to move to an online booking system.
When asked if there was one thing they could go back in time to tell their past selves, the team said they’d advise themselves three things; stay calm, be patient and maintain respect.
“Without your customers, you don’t have a business so diplomacy above all is essential.”
Maureen Panchen, Minterne House & Gardens
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