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Abseiling In UK

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Abseiling In UK

Abseiling - what is it?

Abseiling is, in its most simplest terms, the act of descending down ropes to get back to the ground safely. You’ll start on top of a raised platform (a building, bridge, cliff face or indoor climbing wall). Often when climbing, you can walk back down from the top by your partner belaying you, but if this is not possible, you’ll have to abseil. It’s used by many professions, from tree-cutting to the army. But it’s also a popular experience to try out!

Why go Abseiling?

Abseiling is a great way to get a rush of adrenaline, with nothing beneath your feet and the ground but a big drop. When you’re at the top and you lean back over the edge, there’s an immense amount of trust needed for your equipment to support you which to beginners can feel very unnatural. This pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates for a thrilling day out.

Abseiling Experience Days

One of the best ways to experience abseiling is by booking an experience day with a qualified and experienced instructor. Learn how to safely abseil and become an independent abseiler over time, bring your friends and colleagues along for a great team bonding experience or turn up alone and meet other like-minded people. Abseil off bridges, buildings, rock faces and cliffs - no abseil is the same.
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Abseiling Near Me

For outdoor abseiling opportunities, search through our listings to find the closest abseiling near you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for indoor abseiling, check out your local wall. With over 150 climbing walls across the UK, you’re (normally) never too far from opportunities for Abseiling. Search for your local climbing wall and make sure it's for rope-climbing and not purely bouldering. If it’s for purely bouldering, then this won’t be suitable for abseiling (no ropes, and not high enough routes!). If you’ve never abseilled before, make sure to book in to an instructor session at your local wall to get an introduction to using the equipment, the techniques to use and all the safety aspects to remember. If you have climbed before, and you’re confident in tying knots, climbing and belaying, then you’ll be asked to pass a short series of questions when you get to reception and try to check-in. These questions will ask things like ‘what’s wrong in this image’, ‘how should I fall correctly to avoid injury’, ‘what should I do if someone is climbing a route next to where I want to climb’ and so on. All designed to check you’re aware of the safety guidelines and know what you’re doing. After all, when climbing, it’s not just you at risk, but the people around you too.

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