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Adventure Holidays In UK

Read our guide for Adventure Holidays In UK and Find and Book experiences, courses, activities and tours! Browse through the list of experiences, either instantly book onto your dates or enquire to book. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy! If you’ve got any questions about any specific experience, send a message and the providers will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a specific experience in mind that we don’t have listed? No problem, drop us a message and we’ll send your quote around to hundreds of the best experience providers nationwide and come back with you the best quote, making it easy for you to make the most of your spare time!

Why Go On Adventure Holidays in UK?

The UK is an absolute goldmine of adventure breaks for all levels of enthusiast. We have a nice temperate climate meaning it’s rarely too extreme to take part. The land mass isn’t so vast that anywhere is really inaccessible, and most places can be gotten to fairly easily even by public transport. We enjoy a great range of landscape in a relatively small area, including striking mountain ranges, stunning coastline, amazing beaches, breathtaking valleys and lakes, rivers, cliffs, forests, moorland plateaus and much much more! We have a really well established outdoors industry, leading the way in many activities, meaning we have an enviable number of activities available and a vast network of activity providers able to provide an increasingly diverse range of trips for us. Add to this the fact we don’t really have to worry about any dangerous wildlife and it’s a wonder we feel the need to find adventures elsewhere!
adventure holidays in UK

Best Activities for Adventure Holidays in UK

This will likely be a very contentious question, and one that will always be subjective. If we’re assuming that an ‘adventure holiday’ is likely to encompass at least 2 days then we’ll leave out activities that tend to be done as a half day bit of fun, and the focus will be on activities that assist with getting to know a landscape and exploring a little bit. So, in no particular order…
Walking - there are few better ways of getting to know a landscape than by walking through it, and going at a pace where you can truly appreciate all that’s around you. It’s also incredibly versatile, with very little terrain that is off-limits to you. You can easily get to and from locations (ie, public transport, cars, taxi) as it’s just you and a rucksack, and you can spend as little or as much you’d like and have as much comfort as you’d like (hotel or camping). It’s accessible to almost everyone, and challenges are all relative so there will always be something there for you no matter what your experience, from doing 5 miles a day over a weekend to hiking a Coast to Coast route over the course of a week.
Walking adventure holidays in UK
Bike-Packing - this is a relatively new concept, and is basically the same as a multi-day hike where you carry your tent and all provisions with you, except this time you’re on a bike! Which is great as it allows you to cover a lot more ground, and of course enjoy some exhilarating descents too if you’re in the hills. Much like with walking this can be done to suit all levels, from a gentle flat 15 miles a day and overnighting in campsites with facilities, to a full on cycle across an entire country wild camping as you go!
Surf Safari - whilst this isn’t strictly doing much travelling or exploring whilst actually surfing, there’s something quite romantic about the idea of a surf safari, travelling the country looking for the perfect waves. Along the way you discover deserted beaches, hidden gems, villages and towns you’ve never heard of, and meet people from all walks of life. And above all of course, you get to see a range of different landscapes and enjoy the views of them from the peace and quiet beyond the breakers as you wait for the next set!
Surfing Adventure Holidays in UK
Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddleboarding - if you’re going on a journey and want it to be by water, then chances are it’ll be by one of these three (assuming you’re going under your own power)! Travelling by water - whether on rivers, lakes, sea or a combination - gives you a totally different experience and perspective of an area. Depending on the craft you’ll be able to carry a reasonable amount of kit with you, ideally in a dry bag or container, and be as self-sufficient as you like. Much like with hiking or bike-packing you can opt to travel and stay in b&bs or campsites along the way, or simply find a nice place to wild camp - perhaps a peaceful glade on the river bank, or a secluded cove along the coast. The beauty of travelling by water is that you’ll often be able to access and discover places largely unknown or inaccessible to anyone else.
Climbing - few people will get as up close and personal with a landscape as climbers! Let’s call it micro-discovery. Getting to know the smallest detail of a rockface can mean the difference between success and failure, so climbers will study the cliffs, crags and boulders they climb with great attention to detail and likely come to know a landscape like no one else! Much like with surfing, in the pursuit of new challenges and interesting routes climbers are likely to travel the country and explore many places that otherwise may be overlooked, so it’s a fantastic way to see more places and in the very closest way possible!
Climbing Adventure Holidays in UK
Bushcraft and Survival - there are more and more of these weekends cropping up all over the UK, giving you a chance to get back to basics, enjoy nature without the trappings of modern society, and learn quite a few new skills in the process as you channel your inner Bear Grylls!

Best Adventure Holidays in UK

So now to get specific! Here’s a selection from our activity provider partners to whet your appetite…

Walking Adventure Holidays In UK

Walking the South West Coast Path, Cornwall - With miles and miles off stunning coastline to explore, you can try and tackle the whole stunning length of it in go, or take your time and do some fantastic sections over a few days. Highlights along the way include Cape Cornwall, Sennen Cove, Land’s End, the Minack Theatre and Mousehole.
Hike the Cairngorms - the Cairngorms are a truly unique landscape of the British Isles, with the highest upland area above 3000ft which holds the next five highest peaks after Ben Nevis. Get yourself a guide to make the most of this spectacular area, and take a few days to cover as much ground as you can!
Hike and Wild Camp in the Lake District - there are few more stunning landscapes than the Lake District National Park. Hike some of it’s stunning peaks and alongside some of the famous lakes, making your own camp as it suits you. If you’re new to wild camping or would prefer to take a guide too then check out our listings for some great providers who can help.
Walking Adventure Holidays in UK

Cycling Adventure Holidays in UK

Cycle the Norfolk Broads - for those who aren’t fond of mixing hills and bikes, the Norfolk Broads is still a stunning landscape to explore, and you can easily fill a few days winding your way through the quiet lanes and alongside the amazing waterways, visiting some great pubs along the way!
Quantock Hills Bikepacking - if you really want to get away from it all, then bikepacking is the answer. The Quantock Hills offer a beautiful environment for some great cycling, and the opportunity to wild camp and just let the world pass you by for a few days. Magical.
Cycle the Wild Islands, Outer Hebrides - there can be few cycling adventures as remote as this one, and you’ll be able to discover deserted beaches, diverse wildlife and stunning coastlines. Definitely one for the bucket list!
Cycling Adventure Holidays in UK

Surfing Adventure Holidays

Surfing and Wild Camping, Cornwall - surfing’s all about being at one with the waves and nature, and camping is a perfect partner to surfing. After all, you wouldn’t want to be staying too far from the beach in case the swell picks up right?! There are so many great beaches and surf spots in Cornwall it makes sense to be mobile too, so head down for a weekend, a week or longer and surf your way round this stunning county.
Surfing Adventure Holidays in UK

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddleboarding Adventure Holidays in UK

Guided Descent of the River Tay- the longest river in the UK which has the biggest volume of water passing through annually makes for an exciting canoe trip on The River Tay. It has a stunning route through Scotland all the way to Perth, and with some sections of white water too...just to keep you on your toes! Take a guide to help you navigate any tricky sections, and to ensure you don’t miss any of the amazing scenery and wildlife as you paddle past.
Learn to Sea Kayak Adventure Holiday Torbay - the English Riviera is a beautiful place to learn a great new skill, with the sea being generally quite calm so you can really get to grips with the technical skills of the sport, but also the other essential skills such as navigation, forecasts and awareness and kit. It also has great secluded coves for wild camping, coupled with lovely seaside resorts if you prefer a nice comfy bed and welcoming pub!
Paddleboarding Weekend Retreat, Cornwall - the south coast of Cornwall has some beautiful and peaceful estuaries to explore, and what better way than by paddleboard, where you get a great view of the passing landscapes and wildlife. There are plenty of activity providers offering trips and retreats in this part of the world, so check out our listing for ideas!
Kayaking Adventure Holidays in UK

Climbing Adventure Holidays in UK

Climb the Gritstone Crags of the Peak District - one of the more famous climbing locations in the UK, Stanage Edge in the Peak District is a great place to hone your skills whilst taking in the broad vistas you’re rewarded with at the top. Classic West Coast Climbing, Scotland - Ben Nevis, Glen Coe & Ardgour are all within a short distance from each other and offer a huge range of varied climbing experiences, each with their own breathtaking scenery and surprises. Take a few days with a guide to show you the highlights of this impressive region. Winter Mountaineering Introduction, Scotland - for those climbers looking to move into more traditional ‘mountaineering’, a winter mountaineering course introduces you to new kit like ice axes and crampons and gives you an entirely different experience of tackling the mountains in the snow and ice. Be warned though, you could get the bug very easily!
Climbing Adventure Holidays in UK

Best Family Adventure Holidays

From older teenage kids to younger families, there are great adventure holidays all over the UK that are perfect for families. Active families with older children may enjoy some more challenging hiking and biking trips across Snowdonia or the Lake District, maybe learning new skills together like climbing or sea kayaking. Those with younger children might be more suited to more gentle canoeing expeditions down slow rivers like the Medway, or being based somewhere with plenty of more gentle walks and bike rides, like the Norfolk Broads or parts of the Peak District. Whatever floats your boat there’ll be an adventure holiday out there for you, so please do browse our list of fantastic UK adventures and we hope you find something just right for you!

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