What is Tour Operator Software?

Read on to learn about what tour operator software does, the different features, when to use it and who provides it.

What is Tour Operator Software?
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What is Tour Operator Software? | Beyonk Blog
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Read on to learn about what tour operator software does, the different features, when to use it and who provides it.
Tour Operator Software is a system that helps you operate your tours. In other words, it can be defined as the tools, processes and technology that helps you run your tour operator business.
As Tour Operator businesses can vary so drastically, from multi-day expeditions in the Himalayas, to high-frequency city tours, it's vital good tour operator software is flexible enough to help with a wide-range of businesses.
Now we've answered 'What is tour operator software', read on to learn about the different features, when to use it and who provides it.

What does Tour Operator Software do?

  • Good Tour Operator Software empowers you to spend less time with admin and more time doing what you do best
  • It can vary in the features offered but they help to streamline your bookings management, customers, notifications, payments and more

What are the key features of Tour Operator Software?

In no order of relevant importance, Key Tour Operator Software at a bare minimum, should allow you to:
  1. Instant Booking: Take online bookings through your website / Beyonk also supports Pending Bookings, i.e. the ability to preauthorise a customers card so if you accept the booking the payment money is transferred automatically
  1. Create Experiences: Upload experiences and create itineraries
  1. Schedule Management: Sync bookings to a calendar that you can easily view when you're utilised, view all bookings and empty events in one place and amend as necessary
  1. Add in additional sales to the software so you can manage your schedule in one place
  1. Customer management: send notifications based on events
  1. Reports: See what you've sold based on different metrics, time periods and more
Other key features that add flexibility can include:
  1. Offering discounts, vouchers and more
  1. The ability to manage multiple staff
  1. The ability to sync with other platforms and your offline point of sale system
  1. A complete website off the shelf for you
Make sure you don't just look for these basic features but also:
  1. Speak to their support team, see how quickly they respond and how helpful they are
  1. Look at the demos and see what their software looks like
  1. Go with the one that you think will help you most, it's not always a 'features' game, but can be the offer of other advice and support around the edges. At Beyonk, we offer free website audits, and calls to help with marketing and sales
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When should I use Tour Operator Software?

  • Don't think just because you've set up your tour operator business, you immediately need software. In the early days try to minimise costs until your business can generate some good sales which then requires you to get software to help you manage your tours, schedule, bookings and customers
  • Most tour operator software is integrated with solutions to help you sell more. If you can see this as a good investment, then it's worthwhile to get set up on Tour Operator Software

What Tour Operator Softwares are out there?

There are hundreds of Tour Operator Softwares out there. Some of the leader's are:
  • Trekksoft - A leader in Europe, providing a wealth of features, built 10 years ago
  • Bokun - Bought by TripAdvisor, offering syncing spaces to TripAdvsior (but having to pay TripAdvisor/Viator commissions)
  • FareHarbour - Bought by Booking.com, a leader in the UK
  • Beyonk - New Online Booking Software in the UK - with all basic features needed whilst also helping with sales by syncing spaces across key tourist boards, parks and accommodation platforms
Note - it's very easily to make something bookable. It's much harder to make people want to book. That's where Beyonk comes in. We pride ourselves in going beyond the normal provision of tour operator software by helping package up tours properly to help you succeed.
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How can Beyonk help with Tour Operator Software?

Beyonk enables you to easily view all your bookings and events in one place. Your enquiries, customers, bookings, invoices - everything. All on a simple dashboard. Take bookings and have everything streamlined from your communications to the tracking of payments. It's aimed to be the easier Tour Operator Software with a free option with no monthly costs and only industry-low commission rates per sales. Explore our tour operator software here.
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