Fly a Spitfire Becomes World's Largest Spitfire Flight Operator With Help of BookingHound

Discover how Fly a Spitfire has become the world’s largest spitfire operator with the help of BookingHound.

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Fly a Spitfire Becomes World's Largest Spitfire Flight Operator With Help of BookingHound | Beyonk Blog
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Discover how Fly a Spitfire has become the world’s largest spitfire operator with the help of BookingHound.
Fly a Spitfire was founded 11 years ago and initially started as a company that restored aircrafts. Since then, the company has developed into delivering passenger flights, tours, experiences and displays from the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, at Biggin Hill Airport in Kent.
They operate genuine, original, two seater Spitfires which offer once in a lifetime experiences.

BookingHound was the first and only choice for Fly a Spitfire due to the well matched booking system features for their niche market

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Source: Mike Cohen
Darren Day, the Commercial Manager at Fly a Spitfire, previously worked for an activity voucher company, so the team used his knowledge and expertise to source the best booking system for their business so they could take full advantage of the online market.
Together with its flexible customer booking options, its wide range of operational features combined with its extensive reporting capabilities, BookingHound is not just a booking system, it's a full business management solution perfectly suited for flight operators. Therefore, BookingHound was chosen as the most suitable fit for their experiences.

Fly a Spitfire have credited BookingHound for their fantastic support over the years

Even from the very start, Fly a Spitfire have always felt they are dealing with a professional, friendly company. They can put faces to names and know they have support on hand to help in anyway at anytime, with quick response times. A big reason why they have remained a loyal customer for so long.
One of their favourite features is the detailed reporting.  They can instantly see how their flight experiences are performing, with ticket sale insight and the ability to see earned revenue versus unearned potential.  The reporting features are very personalised and allow them to strip it down to the essential information to present to stakeholders.

Automation is the key to success, with BookingHound working away in the background, you can almost forget it’s there!

Once each experience is set up, system automation takes care of the day-to-day sales and communication with customers such as automatic emails for booking confirmation, reminders in the run-up to the event date and follow up emails to ask for reviews.
Another automated reason BookingHound’s software has become instrumental to their business operations is because they’re able to send sms texts in order to reach customers urgently should an experience need to be rescheduled due to weather changes.
“We’ve done some very different things this year than we’ve been able to do in previous years with regards to the way we’ve scheduled the availability of experiences and where we’ve had a new product, it’s been very easy to roll out and blend in with existing activities.”
Darren Dray, Commercial Manager

BookingHound’s feature rich system has allowed Fly a Spitfire achieve all that they have aimed to do to grow as a successful business

Using BookingHound has allowed them to sell extras and upgrades for attendees, either when they’re booking or when they arrive. Previously, they were selling upgrades but they weren’t being recorded very well and whilst the team was taking the money, it wasn’t being recorded in the system which made it difficult to make projections.
Now, BookingHound’s features make that process much easier and has been instrumental to their upselling opportunities and business reporting.
“BookingHound has become a seamless part of our organisation as the system delivers the everyday structure of the business, allowing us to focus on creating the best flight experiences possible.”
Darren Dray, Commercial Manager
Darren Dray with Mike Cohen (left) and Oscar White (middle)
Darren Dray with Mike Cohen (left) and Oscar White (middle)
Source: Mike Cohen
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