Ticket Scanning With Beyonk

Learn how all tickets sold online include a secure QR code that can easily be scanned utilising Beyonk when your guests arrive at your event.

Ticket Scanning With Beyonk
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Ticket Scanning With Beyonk | Beyonk Blog
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Learn how all tickets sold online include a secure QR code that can easily be scanned utilising Beyonk when your guests arrive at your event.
Ticket scanning is easy with the Beyonk booking system. All tickets that are sold online include a secure QR code that can easily be scanned when your guests arrive at your event. Scanning of the ticket efficiently checks the validity, shows you the key ticket information and enables you to check-in your guests and welcome them with ease, reduce queues and any unnecessary waiting time.
Each time a ticket is scanned you are quickly able to see the customer name, the experience, the date and time slot, along with how many tickets they've booked, so that you know exactly how many people can walk in with this single scan. So if you’re running small events then you'll know who to expect and be able to welcome customers by first name to show more of a personal connection.
Even if they have turned up too early, you can click, "Scan another" and they can come back later. Or simply click "Check In" which securely marks the ticket at used and cannot be redeemed again by anyone else.
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Why use QR Ticket Scanners?

QR scanners are a game changer for reducing queue times. To get the most out of the technology, for larger queues it’s worth investing in mobile QR ticket scanners with multiple people walking down queues and scanning tickets. Events that are expecting more than 100 people in an hour can often benefit from QR scanning the most.
Another key reason for using QR ticket scanning is to avoid potential dual-use of tickets. A QR scanner will invalidate the use of the same ticket being used again ensuring only your paying customers get it and stopping any fraudulent activity.
You’ll be able to see, of those who booked, how many actually turned up and when. This means over the longer term, you’ll be able to sell more tickets, with peace of mind on the typical numbers that will show up - making you more money.

Ticket scanning with your phone

Ticket scanning doesn't have to come at a costly price by having to purchase special QR scanning devices. With Beyonk you can simply use your smartphone, webcam or iPad to accept the tickets and check in your customers. All you have to do is log into the Beyonk app on your phone and scan the QR code located on the booking confirmation ticket.
The QR code ticket can be scanned by a smart phone of any format the customer wishes to display it, whether they print their ticket or show it to your team on their own phone or device. This saves a huge effort from customers who are becoming ever more against printing off tickets. To help customers find their QR code, we send a booking reminder 48 hours before your ticketed event to ensure it’s at the top of their inbox so they’re prepared for their visit.
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Ticket scanning with a scanning device

If you have a dedicated ticketing station, you can use Beyonk to easily welcome guests. We provide cost effective hardware and QR scanning equipment options. Alternatively if you do already have a ticket scanning device you can set that up to use the Beyonk QR codes.

A booking system updated in real time

When scanning the tickets and checking in your visitors your booking system is updated in real time. So your system is up to date with every scan and each team member can instantly see what is happening with each event, time slot or booking within the dashboard.
Whether you have a small event with just a few visitors at a time or a large event with lots of visitors to check in at once, the ticket scanning works on multiple devices all working seamlessly with the dashboard and updating this in real time from each mobile device being used.
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If you would like to know more about getting a ticket scanning solution that works for your tours, activities and experiences, then please request a call back here.
Or why not sign up for free and give it a try, with no contracts and no subscription fees.
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