Improve Website Conversions Rates for Visitor Attractions

Increasing conversions and optimizing your website is pivotal for visitor attractions aiming to drive online bookings and thrive. 6 Tips for Success!

Improve Website Conversions Rates for Visitor Attractions
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Improve Website Conversions Rates | Beyonk Blog
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Improve website conversion rates for visitor attractions by reducing abandoned carts to increase ticket sales with these 6 tips

Why increase website conversions

It is pivotal for visitor attractions aiming to drive online bookings and thrive to think about how to improve conversion rates on their website by delving into the preferences and behaviors of your visitors. Visitor attractions can implement targeted strategies to enhance the user experience, increase online bookings and reduce cart abandonment to help increase ticket sales and reduce abandoned carts.

What does this mean for your business - the bigger picture

Potential customer drop-off rates vary by industry. In a study by Baymard Institute, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. A more recent survey by SaleCycle surrounding the Travel industry “The travel industry faces one of the highest shopping cart abandonment rates of any industry. On average, shopping cart abandonment rates for the travel industry hover around 80%.” Whilst other markets may not see drop-off rates quite so high, the fact remains that any number of customer drop-offs is lost revenue.

What to look for to reduce abandoned carts and increase ticket sales

When looking at how to improve website conversions short term ideas often fall short in delivering long term results. So the key is maintaining consistently high website conversion rates for the sustained success of your visitor attraction in the competitive online landscape. This relies on understanding of visitor needs and the seamless alignment of website functionality to facilitate hassle-free online bookings.

How to improve website conversion rates for your visitor attractions

As we just mentioned, unfortunately there’s no quick-fix for increasing conversions. A good starting point is knowing why customers are dropping off. Find out why and at point of the sales process conversions are lost. Then, you will be in a better position to make the necessary changes that are likely to increase conversion rates efficiently!

6 ways our customers have seen an increase in website conversions that your attractions will benefit by applying:

  1. Send timely cart abandonment emails: Simple on brand automated emails remind customers who abandon their carts to complete their purchases and book with you!
  1. Minimize the risk of making a booking: Offer peace of mind with guarantees, facilitating hassle-free exchanges or refunds for uncontrollable factors like unpredictable weather, enhancing convenience for you and your customers.
  1. Clicks kill: Identify and address any obstacles in the user experience that might hinder conversions. Minimize clicks and make the buying process as quick and easy as possible can prevent drop-offs. Beyonk offers as little as 6 clicks to book!
  1. Emphasize genuine scarcity through ticket pricing: Create a sense of urgency emphasizing limited availability, such as early bird ticket prices. Ensure you're utilizing a platform that allows effortless customization of ticket prices!
  1. Mirror real life online: Display high-res images, detailed descriptions, and flexible ticketing options such as group bookings and time slots. Provide essential information for the activity/event day, facilitating a smooth transition from online booking to participation.
  1. Increase booking efficiency: Seamlessly integrate booking into your website to prevent redirection to third-party pages. Beyonk’s mobile-first approach ensures a fully embedded solution, catering to over 80% of bookings on mobile devices, boosting trust and conversion rates. Plus, eliminate account creation, potentially cutting sales leakage by 35%.

Unlocking further website conversion potential

To further enhance your website's conversion potential, consider these advanced strategies for maximizing the impact of your social media and paid advertising efforts:
  • Amplify social media impact: Utilize Facebook's 'Get Tickets' button strategically to seamlessly convert social browsers into customers. By incorporating clear Calls to Action (CTAs) on your social accounts, you can effectively guide users towards taking desired actions, ultimately driving conversion rates.
  • Harness data insights: Implement Google and Meta pixel tracking to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and identify factors driving drop-off on your website, enabling informed optimization strategies.

Beyonk is the solution to increase ticket sales and improve website conversions!

Beyonk offers ticketing and booking solutions to enhance visitor satisfaction and drive success for your attraction or event. Elevate website conversions with user-friendly experiences and clear calls-to-action.
With Beyonk you can streamline checkouts, entice with incentives, and tailor follow-ups to curb abandoned carts, while boosting ticket sales through targeted marketing, dynamic pricing, and bundled offers, ensuring a top-tier booking experience with swift transactions and customizable ticketing, complete with automated cart emails and personalized communications.
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