How Treak Cliff Cavern Increased Online Bookings with Beyonk’s Ticketing Tools

Discover how Treak Cliff Cavern were able to increase bookings by using Beyonk’s sophisticated ticketing tools.

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How Treak Cliff Cavern Increased Online Bookings with Beyonk’s Ticketing Tools | Beyonk
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Discover how Treak Cliff Cavern were able to increase bookings by using Beyonk’s sophisticated ticketing tools.
Treak Cliff Cavern is a show cave visitor attraction, with a working mine extracting rare ornamental fluorite called Blue John Stone. They mine, process, manufacture and retail jewellery and ornamental items, both online and in their onsite shop. They offer self-guided tours of the cave, and various experiences focused around the crafting of the Blue John Stone.
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A modern system with self serving options for easy changes and amendments

Just a few years ago, Treak Cliff Cavern had no online booking capacity on their website. Group bookings were managed by telephone or email, so the need for an automated online booking system was crucial to the development of the company. Particularly at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when guided tours would no longer be available under Government restrictions, it meant their operations would have to change to self-guided tours in order to continue taking bookings. In addition, due to being part of the ENPEC of Experiences, it was essential to have an online booking capability.
Treak Cliff Cavern began using systems such as TYG Tickets and TXGB, but ultimately, they were looking for a more intuitive and user friendly platform.
Other ticketing solutions they tried included Trip Adviser, Airbnb and Expedia, which they found to be okay but meant a higher commission than they would have liked.
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After a complex process of trying and testing multiple booking systems, Treak Cliff Cavern’s partners Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire recommended Beyonk The Treak Cliff Cavern team found it to be easy-to-use and intuitive, with great flexibility options and a friendly and supportive team on hand to answer any questions.
There were no obstacles in signing up and Beyonk’s software was easy to integrate with their website, and includes features which allowed them to tailor their operations.
Treak Cliff Cavern developed their visits and experiences as Beyonk developed and deployed new features for clients.
“Because we work closely with MPD&D, we went with their recommendation and haven’t looked back. Using Beyonk with our self-guided tours has been more successful and popular than I hoped. This is only a starting point, and we will be developing more ‘products’ in the future, using Beyonk to promote and control how visitors book.”
Victoria Anne Turner, Owner and Director
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97% of online bookings are attributed to Beyonk, whilst the remaining 3% are the combined efforts of other distributors.

The pandemic forced Treak Cliff Cavern to move towards self-guided tours, and the timing slot capability within Beyonk enabled them to achieve and comply with all the social distancing regulations. They were able to develop different experiences, include all attractions on their website and be in control of when and how visitors can book.
“We are in control and can make immediate changes as and when we need to.”
Victoria Anne Turner, Owner and Director
Beyonk’s tools have allowed Treak Cliff Cavern to spread visitors throughout the day so onsite tours are less crowded, there’s more space in the shop and has helped to even out the peaks and troughs of the day. With their new way of working, it has allowed the business to be more successful than they could have dreamed.With the help of Beyonk’s ticketing features, Treak Cliff Cavern were able to optimise their ticket sales, review business operations and were the recipient of the MPD&D Silver Award for Visitor Attraction of the Year 2022.
“It is intuitive, flexible and gives us control of our availability with excellent support from Beyonk technicians. The system can be bespoke to your attraction’s needs and changes as necessary. It is continually developing along with our own business development and is responsive to suggestions too.”
Victoria Anne Turner, Owner and Director
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