How to Stand Out Online for Tours, Activity and Experience Providers

We have listed some of the quickest and most effective ways you can help your tour, activity or experience business to stand out online.

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How to Stand Out Online for Tours, Activity and Experience Providers | Beyonk Blog
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We have listed some of the quickest and most effective ways you can help your tour, activity or experience business to stand out online.
Trying to achieve great visibility online for your business isn't anything new, but it is becoming increasingly important as consumers are spending more time researching and planning online for their UK trips, in an ever-crowded marketplace.
The modern consumer has an expectancy to be able to find all the information they need about a business online without the need to pick up a phone. They will gravitate to businesses that provide an engaging and informative online experience when investigating things to do with their leisure time.
That’s why we have listed some of the quickest and most effective ways you can help your tour, activity or experience business to stand out online.

Make it Instagrammable

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but video is priceless. Consumers are expecting more than ever before to be able to see what they can buy. The more you can make videos and images portray the iconic and memorable moments of your experiences, the more your availability will fly off the proverbial shelf.
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Build a following

Ensure everything you do in your business focuses on keeping your customers involved and signed up to newsletters and social media profiles. The more great content you can share with them, the more likely they’ll come back and book more, recommend to friends and help to grow your audience. Investigate in paid marketing too, but be careful. It’s a great way to lose money fast, so unless you have deep pockets and you’re a fast learner - consider hiring someone to manage this for you. Be willing to invest quite a bit of money before it works. Most online advertising can be seen as a quick win, but it doesn’t always quite work like that. Often you’ll need to sink some money to find the keywords to use, the audiences to target and the channels that best suit you. But as they say, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly! If you want an expert in online marketing, get in touch and we can advise companies who are cost-effective and have been helping others be successful.

Ensure your website informative

Firstly, your website should clearly present all the necessary details a potential visitor would want to know before they decide to book with you.  A lack of information will leave your visitor unsure whether you're the right provider for them.
Make sure your website has high-quality and up-to-date content along with inspiring images that present your tour, activity or experience as enticing, unique and great value for money. It’s also important to be clear about what Covid-19 restrictions are in place and with that, provide a simple to understand cancellation policy.
If people are contacting you asking questions, then keep adding the content to your website to make it even more useful. For if one person has asked the question, it’s likely many other potential customers had the same question but didn’t get around to asking and that could have been a lost sale.
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Enable your customer to book and pay online

Enhance your website further by allowing your customers to book online instantly at any time that suits them. It’s proven that consumers are now more likely to spend time in the evenings doing their planning and booking for any trips or activities.
As well as benefiting your customer, an online booking system will help you manage occupancy levels and resources during this constant changing  period of Covid-19 restrictions.
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Choose the right online booking solution with powerful marketing tools

Choose a booking system that has been designed specifically for the tourism and leisure industry with features that have been developed to fit around your business model.
The Beyonk booking system has engaging and enticing tools that improve your online conversions, like online gift vouchers, discount codes, group discounts and add-ons for upselling opportunities. You can even set up pending bookings, giving you more control over occupancy.

Be in front of where your customers are looking

There are many different ways to spend a lot of money trying to get your business in front of people searching online. Choosing the right booking system can instantly get you in front of millions of website visitors who are looking to research and purchase tours and activities in your area with no need to spend any of your marketing budget.
Beyonk partners with a trusted and leading UK distribution network made up of Tourist Boards, National Parks, Forests and Accommodation Providers. We work with partners in your region to give you access to genuine visitors all looking for things to do that they can easily plan, book and pay online for.
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What’s more, make sure your booking system is highly visible on your website and social media profiles. The easier it is for consumers to book, the more sales you’ll generate.
As you can see there are some very quick, simple, and cost effective ways your tourism and leisure business can really stand out online.
If you would like to know more about Beyonk and how we can help you grow your business then please request a call back here.