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Water Sports In Dorset

Read our guide for Water Sports In Dorset and Find and Book experiences, courses, activities and tours! Browse through the list of experiences, either instantly book onto your dates or enquire to book. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy! If you’ve got any questions about any specific experience, send a message and the providers will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a specific experience in mind that we don’t have listed? No problem, drop us a message and we’ll send your quote around to hundreds of the best experience providers nationwide and come back with you the best quote, making it easy for you to make the most of your spare time!

Where can I do Water Sports in Dorset, Near Me?

Check out your local water sport activity centre, canoe or kayak club, or canoe or kayak hire by searching through our marketplace. Working with a centre, club or rental shop provides you with the licenses you need. If you’re planning on using your own equipment, you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary licenses. The easiest way to get covered to paddle on rivers is through a British Canoeing membership which covers most waterways. Alternatively, if you’re paddling in the sea, estuaries or most tidal water, licenses often aren’t required so you’re free to explore!

What are the best water sports activities near me?

There’s a watersport for everyone. Depending if you want a workout, want to relax and explore, or just have a great time. The UK is the place to do it. With over 40,000 lakes in the UK, over 200,000 km of waterways and 12,000km of coastline, there’s a huge amount of choice on where to get involved.

Kayaking and Canoeing

The most popular watersports, kayaking and canoeing are the gold standard of how to experience the waterways of Britain. Canoes and Kayaks are a great way to explore the UK, and see everything from a different perspective. Get up close and personal with wildlife, have stability (in most boats) and learn skills. See more Canoeing and Kayaking
Canoe and Kayak Near Me

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports across the World right now, and it’s easy to see why. It’s one of the quietest and most relaxing ways to travel across water and to explore, meaning you can get incredibly close up to wildlife without scaring it away. You can either sit down or stand up, meaning it’s comfortable. And because they’re so big, they’re often very stable, so it’s possible to go out without getting wet. In fact, they’re so stable many people have taken to Paddle board Yoga and even paddle boarding with dogs. See more Stand up Paddle Boarding Near You
Stand up paddle boarding in UK


Surfings a great way to make the most of the coast in the UK. With over 12,000km of coastline, there's a wealth of surfing spots in the UK for all levels of surfer. Head down to Cornwall known as the capital of surfing in England, or up to North Yorkshire or even to Scotland, with the Outer Hebrides or Thurso East. Either rent a board and wetsuit, or book in with our experience days to pick up new skills and become a surfer pro in no time! See more Surfing Near You
Surfing near me UK

Do you need to be able to swim to do water sports?

If you’re going out by yourself on a raft or boat, you should definitely be able to confidently swim. If you’re joining an experience day, they’ll often have their own requirements, but often a combination of buoyancy aids and support boats mean you can get involved with watersports without being a great swimmer. Message your provider to find out more and they’ll make sure you’re comfortable!

Water sport holidays In UK

Given the Brits love to moan about the weather, what better way to ignore the rain and get wet anyway with a Water Sport Holiday in the UK! With a wealth of options to choose from, browse our Water Sport Holidays and take your pick. Explore the tranquil Lakes, or get a rush of adrenaline with coasteering or surfing.

Water Sport FAQ’s

What are the different types of water sports?

There are three main categories or types of water sports: 1) In the Water, 2) On the Water, 3) Under the Water. Whilst in the water tends to revolve around the different permutations of swimming type activities, On the water on the other hand revolves mostly around boating and rafting activities with under the water focusing on diving. For a complete list of water sport activities, here goes: - In the Water, Water Sports: Swimming (pool swimming, open water swimming, ice swimming, synchronised swimming, aqua-training, diving (off diving boards as opposed to diving with oxygen), triathlon, water sports and all permutations included water polo, volleyball and basketball)
  • On the Water, Water Sports: Boating (including sailing, rowing, yachting, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, dragon boat racing, skiffing and skulling), Rafting (Paddle boarding, bodyboarding, parasailing, surfing, fly board, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, rafting, windsurfing, hydro-foiling) and Fishing
  • Under-water, Water Sports: Diving (cave, ice, free diving, deep diving, snorkelling, diving, underwater sports (football, hockey, orienteering, photography and videography, rugby, target shooting and every other sport you can imagine that can be played under water)

Will I get wet? Depending on the water sport you do, it’s not always mandatory to get wet. If you’re looking for a relatively relaxing time out of the water, nowadays kayaking and canoeing equipment can be very sturdy. Especially in Sea or Touring Kayaks, it’s very rare to fall in as they’re built for stability. Head to calm waters such as canals, lakes and slow flowing rivers. Stand up paddle boarding is another great way to avoid falling in with calm water and a sturdy board. Want to get wet? Throw yourself into coasteering - the act of jumping off cliffs into the sea and exploring the coastline. Or try out white water rafting and water skiing.
What's the best water sports for families and kids? Depending on how old and adventurous your kids are you’ve got a lot to choose from. Join a Canoeing trip for your young kids to get out on the water with a small chance of falling in and room to store supplies. If you’re looking for a great family bonding experience, fuelled with adrenaline, get involved with coasteering. Have a wealth of photos of you all jumping off rocks and have stories for years to come. Sea Kayaking over multiple days is a great way to get away from it all and detox with the family, and expect to see a wealth of wildlife.

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