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Cycling In Dorset

Read our guide for Cycling In Dorset and Find and Book experiences, courses, activities and tours! Browse through the list of experiences, either instantly book onto your dates or enquire to book. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy! If you’ve got any questions about any specific experience, send a message and the providers will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a specific experience in mind that we don’t have listed? No problem, drop us a message and we’ll send your quote around to hundreds of the best experience providers nationwide and come back with you the best quote, making it easy for you to make the most of your spare time!

Cycling In Dorset

It’s easy to find cycling activities near you. Already got a bike? Head to one of the National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and explore the areas. Whilst route planning can help make the most of your cycle, to see the best routes and avoid busy roads, there’s something refreshing about just jumping on the bike with no route planned and the freedom to explore where you wish! Alternatively, join a guided cycling or mountain biking group by browsing through our listings where you’ll be shown the best routes, meet a bunch of like-minded people and even pick up some mountain biking skills along the way!
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Mountain Bike Experience Days

For the best Mountain Bike Experience Days check out our listings but be sure to get a level that’s suitable for you. They’ll either be mentioned as suitable for beginners or as advance, or will specifically reference the Mountain Bike Trail Grading System that outlines the type of terrain and difficulty. Green routes are easy, flat and accessible for most. Blue are moderate routes, elevation and with some basic off-roading. Red routes are graded as ‘hard’ with some steep elevation, drop-offs, bigger rocks with varying terrain types and water crossings, with a good level of stamina required. Black mountain biking routes deemed severe with unavoidable challenging terrain, tracks and down-hill sections suitable for those capable of the most physically demanding sports and previous mountain biking experience.
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Cycling, Biking and Backpacking Adventure Holidays

A relatively new multi-day adventure activity has arisen - bikepacking. Bikepacking has become increasingly popular as a means of touring areas with bikes, whilst carrying all your kit, being self-sufficient. Often with camping in between, it’s a great way to see a larger area over walking and still feeling the sense of adventure. Alternatively, get back to basics with normal road bikes (or e-bikes for those who want to take it easier). Mountain Biking Adventure Weekends are also a great way to get more remote than road cycling and pick up new skills. From the stunning coastal Cornish paths, to the remote Scottish highlands, explore more for Cycling Adventure Holidays in UK

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