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Animal Encounter

  • Location Lydford
  • Price from £40.00


This is a private, 1 hour, up close and personal animal experience for all ages, abilities and group sizes.

I often get asked ‘how close can I get to the alpacas’? Well the answer to that is as close as you like if you book an Animal Encounter, right from when you get your welcome kiss from Macca Paca (there will be many and he even does them on request).

If you expect a high level of interaction, fun and some relaxation thrown in you will not be disappointed. We start the experience off with feeding the alpaca boys some tasty treats, anything from carrots to grapes to bananas (mostly for Barney). This part we do behind a small barrier but only because it’s more comfortable, otherwise you have 12 giant meerkats quarrelling over who gets what. Now you’ve had time to get used to and acquainted with these curious and not very shy boys, it’s time to come join them in the paddock – don’t worry as for those more nervous folk there is a fenced area you can still enjoy the animals from. I have never failed yet though, to gently encourage each and every person whatever their needs to get in direct contact with these animals whilst knowing how to stay safe.

What comes next depends entirely on the weather and the animals – the alpaca carwash is one of the most popular activities anytime from early Spring and the boys will literally start queuing as soon as they see you pick up the hose. Expect a constant stream of customers, funny water dances and a whole lot of pushing in. They then like to check themselves out in their mirror which of course you will be holding up and angling for them so that they can see every side. Yes, you are now an alpaca servant! Once all that posing is done the hay bags come out and the boys enter into a state of calm and relaxation with some sitting down at your feet. You can sit right in with some of them, a great time to get those special photos and quirky selfies.

Or perhaps a bit of a cuddle is more your thing? I have Mr Sharps (the quirkiest alpaca around) and Snowball (everyone’s favourite sheep) lined up to fulfil that dream. Snowball though, will happily take your whole hour and encourage you to sit with him. I really should start a special Snowball only experience.  This is an experience for everyone no matter your age, ability or needs and now group size.

What if it’s raining? Then we just alpaca our bags, move inside to the alpaca house and the animals will be right there with us as they don’t like the rain much either. I have been asked a few times if I can arrange for this type of weather as it is such a cosy and peaceful hour. I’ll have to try and get Batman to do his water dance for that one!

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    What's included

  • Other Animal treats

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing Layers are a must for Dartmoor
  • Waterproofs We will be outdoors so pack for an unpredictable shower
  • Other Closed in shoes


Custom Policy

If you need to cancel your experience for any reason, we cannot offer a refund in any circumstances.

More than 7 days notice (a day starts at the time of your experience so if you are cancelling a 10:30am slot, you need to notify us by 10:30am 7 days prior or more) - we will offer to rearrange your experience to another suitable date (subject to availability) or offer a gift voucher with a 12 month expiry. This will be offered free of charge but note that the 12 month expiry of the gift voucher will start from the original date of your booking. You must have booked and attended your rebooked experience before the last date of the expiry period. 

Less than 7 days notice (a day starts at the time of your experience so this applies if you are cancelling a 10:30am slot after 10:30am 7 days or less prior) - we can only offer to rebook your experience to another suitable date (subject to availability) or issue a gift voucher (where the expiry date starts from the original date of your booking) if we are able to resell your tickets. If we are not able to resell your tickets then we are not able to rebook your experience or issue a gift voucher. Any partial ticket resale will be honoured with the issue of a gift voucher to the value of what we have been able to resell. We want to do the best for our customers but as a small business we have to impose this restriction - a late cancellation often means we cannot resell the tickets at such short notice. This impacts heavily on our revenue and ability to be able to survive as a business.

For full cancellation terms and conditions please visit




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