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Climbing Walls In UK

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Climbing Walls In UK

Visit your local climbing wall to try out rock climbing near you. Before turning up, here’s some things to consider, from what equipment you’ll need to visit your local climbing centre, what to wear for climbing and how to get involved.

Types of Climbing at your climbing wall

When looking to go to your local climbing wall, you’ll want to make sure you plan which type of climbing you want to do. In general you have a choice between bouldering, sport climbing and lead climbing at indoor climbing centres. To understand more about these climbing types, check out our Beginners Guide to Rock CLimbing
Bouldering is the act of climbing up shorter walls up to 20ft, without ropes. There are big matts to cushion your fall and because the height is low, risk of injury is limited (but still possible of course). The beauty of bouldering is you can quickly get onto a wall and become independent. There’s no need to learn about climbing equipment so you can focus on technique. Whilst bouldering can be a great way to start and get into the sport, sport climbing is an enjoyable way to get accustomed to the climbing equipment and climb to higher heights.

Equipment needed for indoor climbing walls near you

To get involved in climbing, you can often get all you need from your local climbing wall. You can often rent climbing shoes, you can buy some chalk for your hands to aid with gripping. And that’s all you really need for bouldering. If you’re trying out climbing with ropes, the wall will have all the equipment you’ll need. This will be a harness, a belay device and the ropes. Book in with an instructor for a full instruction on how to use them safely and to get the best technique. Make sure to take a water bottle and a snack to keep yourself hydrated.

What to wear to rock climbing?

Make sure to wear something flexible on your legs to avoid restricting movement, either leggings, shorts or flexible trousers. You want to avoid wearing clothing that is baggy as it can get in the way. Climbing walls can get hot and cold, so take a jumper just in case. You’ll get climbing shoes from your local climbing wall, so you’ll likely want to leave your socks on.
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How to get involved in climbing

To visit your local climbing wall, if it’s your first time climbing, you’ll need an introduction on safety measures. To learn more about what this looks like, read our Guide to Indoor Climbing

Alternatives to climbing walls

If you’re keen to get involved in climbing but aren’t sure of the various options, there are two other choices from visiting your climbing wall to get involved in the sport. You can also join your local climbing club, who will meet regularly and will have a group of like-minded people who are all trying to improve. You can also book in with an instructor, or try out our outdoor climbing experience days. These can be a great way to try out the sport, with stunning scenery, expert leaders showing you the ropes and giving you a more personalised experience. Browse through hundreds of Rock Climbing Experiences.

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