A triumph for Lichfield Maize Maze in its first year with seamless online booking success

Discover how Lichfield Maize Maze were able to have a successful first year in business with the help of Beyonk’s sophisticated and intuitive ticketing tools.


"Starting a business is full of a lot of unknowns, but discovering the Beyonk system has proved invaluable."


Lichfield Maize Maze first opened in the summer of 2022 on the family-run arable and potato farm in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Their experiences include a maize maze, pick your own sunflowers and pumpkins, with onsite ice cream and a picnic area. There are also over 3 miles of pathways to explore on 10 acres of land.

Lichfield has a maize maze, pick your own sunflowers and pumpkins, with onsite ice cream and a picnic area.


The challenge

Do we or don’t we need a online booking solution?!

In its initial establishment, Lichfield Maize Maze encountered many challenges while preparing for its first year in business.

Uncertain about the necessity of an online booking system at that early stage, the team conducted thorough research and consulted with fellow members of the Maize Maze Association. Ultimately, after careful consideration, they chose Beyonk over other providers as their preferred solution.


How we helped

Impressed after delving into the Beyonk system and engaging with our solutions specialist, Lichfield Maize Maze found much to like… especially the friendly and knowledgeable team they encountered.

Seamless website integration and real-life customer success stories from similar industries provided a clear vision for how their own website could flourish with a Beyonk onlinebooking system.

In the end, the modern, poweful, and user-friendly booking solution from Beyonk was undeniably the perfect fit for their farm attraction business.

Simple integration, ease-of-use and customer service made Beyonk stand out amongst the crowd.


The people I’ve been working with are absolutely brilliant. We’ve had a few things we’ve wanted to change last-minute to the system and nothing’s been too much of a hassle. I’m really rubbish with technology and they’ve just managed to make it seamless and easy.

Alice Ryman at Lichfield Maize Maze


Time is now spent delivering the best possible experience for customers.


The results

Beyonk's sophisticated and intuitive tools have translated into a stress-free and successful first year for Lichfield Maze. With the system seamlessly running in the background, they've been able to concentrate on delivering the best possible experiences.


The main reason I would recommend Beyonk is because of the people at the end of the phone. They provide really good customer service and are all genuinely nice people. It’s great to work with a company who understand what we’re trying to do as a business and have a lot of experience in our industry. They get a lot of gold stars from me.

Alice Ryman at Lichfield Maize Maze



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