Supporting the National Parks with Bookable Experiences

It’s been brilliant to work alongside the innovative and forward-thinking team of the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) with a pilot to promote bookable experiences, whilst supporting third party tourism businesses get found and booked online with industry-low fees. This pilot was seen as an opportunity to support other initiatives in place to help attract a diverse audience, help more get active outdoors, and support sustainable tourism and revenue generation for the National Park. You can see the bookable experiences portal in action here:

Peak District National Park Bookable Experiences Donate

A successful pilot provides great opportunities for local businesses & other National Parks

We’re happy to announce the pilot has been deemed successful and is being transitioned into the business-as-usual and scale phase to further grow the results seen to date:

  • Thousands explored the bookable experiences, hundreds booked, with a strong conversion rate, showing clear demand for bookable experiences from the PDNPA audience
  • 25 businesses and over 70 bookable experiences have been available to book, showcasing a broad range of experiences to attract a broad demographic
  • Support the sustainable tourism initiatives of the National Park through promoting professional providers who educate visitors and promote best practice
  • Generated revenue through bookings commission and donations made by consumers on checkout

This initiative has become even more important due to the challenges caused by Covid-19. Pre-booking and the staycation & activity market are expected to boom once restrictions are lifted. Whilst local tourism businesses need help to survive and recover from the pandemic.

Online booking

Next steps:

For PDNPA & Beyonk, we’ll be making the experiences more visible to attract more visitors, whilst growing the choice of activities to further support a broader demographic.

For local businesses:

We need to ensure the park is there for future generations to visit and enjoy, so encouraging your customers to donate will really help support efforts to maintain and protect the natural environment ( This can be done with little effort and the Beyonk team can help. You can do this by:

1. Have an ‘add-on’ for each experience to encourage customers to donate within their booking. This will require you to then make the donation manually to the National Park (perhaps in bulk once a month) but will likely generate the most donations due to ease of donating by customers.

donate to national park

2. You can also add this wording to your website, activity page & booking confirmations, reminders & thank you emails: “Please Support the Peak District Foundation for the next generation to enjoy. Donate Now.” Pointing to:!/

3. As well as add this wording on your website and social media: "Support locally-run experience providers in line with the Peak District values. Be #PeakDistrictProud. Visit to learn more"

Please let us know if you need help adding this to your booking system and we’ll be happy to help. When you’ve done this we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to further supporting the PNDPA and other National Parks with this excellent initiative to support local businesses & visitors, as the staycation & activity market & pre-booking are expected to boom when lockdown restrictions are lifted, and the focus on sustainable tourism has never been more important than now.