How to Maximise and Manage TripAdvisor Reviews

How can you look to increase your TripAdvisor reviews? Discover our top tips below.

How to Maximise and Manage TripAdvisor Reviews
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How to Maximise and Manage TripAdvisor Reviews | Beyonk Blog
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How can you look to increase your TripAdvisor reviews? Discover our top tips below.
Research has shown that 84% of consumers said reviews were an important factor in their buying decisions. When you pair that with the fact TripAdvisor earns 167 million website visitors monthly, this shows how important it is to ensure you have a healthy amount of customer reviews for your experiences.
So, how can you look to increase your TripAdvisor reviews? Discover our top tips below.

Thank you emails

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The power of thank you emails is often underestimated, but a recent study found that these types of emails have a 42% open rate and a 14% click-through rate (CTR) and are twice as effective as traditional marketing emails.
This is because customers who have recently visited are much more likely to open an email from you as it makes them feel valued. Thank you emails can serve many purposes, but asking for customer reviews here is twice as effective than other marketing channels.
Happy customers will listen to your request, particularly if they receive a thank you email the same day they visited as it is still fresh on their mind.

Ask for reviews on site

Another way you can look to increase the amount of reviews you receive is by asking for them Just before they leave. Cut out the hassle and make it super easy for your customer by presenting them with a leaflet and a QR code which takes them directly to your TripAdvisor review page.
Similar to our point about thank you emails, the earlier you ask, the more likely customers are to leave you a review, especially if they’ve had a great time. Therefore, if you have other things you want to include in your thank you emails, asking for reviews before they leave is a great solution.

Social media

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As part of your social media strategy, you can use this opportunity to post about your reviews page and remind customers to share their impressions of you.
Sometimes customers may not have had the time to do it before and the best way to grab their attention is when they’re already scrolling through social media, so consider posting once a month as a reminder.


Whilst it’s best to get your company reviews organically, there are going to be those customers who just haven’t gotten around to it. That’s where you can look into creating incentives to get those visitors
These incentives could be something as simple as a complimentary drink on their next visit, a discount on the next ticket purchased or you could even go as far as offering to donate a portion of the ticket price to a local charity.
Not only is this a great way to gain reviews, it’s likely to help increase your ticket sales too.

Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs)

An advantage of being a Beyonk customer is that you’ll have access to share your experiences on the websites of DMOs we partner with such as Visit Cornwall, GWR and National Parks UK.
By doing this, you’ll not only attract visitors who may not have otherwise known about you, but you can get those DMOs to request reviews from visitors who book an experience via their website, thereby maximising your opportunities.
Why not consider booking a meeting with us below? It’s completely free to do and we’re here to help you! Ask us anything and we’ll even provide you with a live demonstration of our software.
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