EPOS for Visitor Attractions and Events

What is EPOS for visitor attractions, and why should you adopt this amazing technology to facilitate the seamless integration of online ticket sales with in-person purchases? Investing in the right technology for your visitor attraction or event can significantly boost your business growth.

EPOS for Visitor Attractions and Events
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EPOS for Visitor Attractions and Events | Beyonk Blog
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EPOS for visitor attractions facilitate the seamless integration of online ticket sales with in-person purchases

What is EPOS for visitor attractions?

EPOS stands for 'Electronic Point of Sale'. An EPOS system is basically a modern till system that features a combination of hardware and software designed to help you run your visitor attraction better.
The age of the internet and data collection, has led to huge changes in the way commerce takes place. EPOS is a key part of that. This new technology is now increasingly sophisticated and accessible allowing small and large businesses alike to benefit from greater flexibility, sales data, and security that EPOS provides for in person sales. EPOS systems further facilitate the seamless integration of online ticket sales with in-person purchases, balancing your revenue streams and providing a unified experience for visitors, whether they choose to buy tickets online or on-site.
Investing in the right technology for your visitor attraction or event can significantly boost your business growth. That's why Beyonk has partnered with EPOS Now, a leading global EPOS and payments provider, to offer a seamless integration. With this integration, you can sell tickets through Beyonk alongside other products in a unified transaction directly at your till.

What is an EPOS till?

EPOS systems are updated cash registers that assist in managing and enhancing various business operations, including data collection, accounting, inventory management alongside sales processing. Having an EPOS system at your visitor attractions alongside online sales streamlines the ticketing processes

What does EPOS mean for my business?

For visitor attractions or events, seamless ticket sales are possible both online and through Epos Now tills for walk-ins, ensuring your Beyonk online booking platform stays updated to prevent overselling.
EPOS merges cash register functionality with the versatility of computer software, offering businesses like yours a comprehensive solution for operations, planning, and record-keeping. With this robust foundation, visitor attractions can expand into various commerce avenues, such as online ordering services or multiple store integration, all managed through a single EPOS system.

What is EPOS data?

EPOS systems record transactional information and can generate detailed sales reports in response to the data input. This affords owners and managers more insight into their business, allowing them to make actionable changes to increase revenue and cut costs.
EPOS reporting covers areas from employee productivity, stock figures, accounting and customer credit information.

What are EPOS benefits?

By streamlining systems, reducing errors and improving order accuracy, EPOS systems can enhance the customer experience and increase profitability. The biggest EPOS advantages undoubtedly stem from how the software simplifies, streamlines, and connects multiple aspects of your business operations. The advantages of modern computing mean that different companies can integrate their software and data can be transferred quickly and easily between forms.

Here's what the connection between Beyonk and EPOS Now offers:

  • Effortless Ticket Sales: Sell Beyonk tickets directly to walk-in customers, seamlessly syncing your capacity data with the Beyonk system to avoid overbooking.
  • Versatile Transactions: Add Beyonk tickets to broader transactions, such as when selling merchandise or offering food and beverages.
  • Convenient Check-ins: Easily check in guests by scanning QR codes or entering booking IDs, providing a smooth experience for both your staff and attendees.
  • Expanded Functionality: Take advantage of EPOS Now's extensive app store, enabling you to sell physical goods online, manage memberships, allow guests to self-serve food and beverage orders, integrate with Mailchimp for marketing campaigns, and offer discounts to members.

A solution to your visitor attractions business problems

Current point of sale systems on the market often demand extensive user manuals, substantial staff training, continual maintenance expenses, and suffer from slowness, inefficiency, and inadequate integrations, resulting in an unsatisfactory user experience.
To address these issues and deliver a smooth, enjoyable user interface, Beyonk has collaborated with EPOS Now.
This partnership ensures optimal user-friendliness for businesses, enabling them to effortlessly sell tickets in person, manage hospitality and retail operations, and handle table service, menus, and product sales, all within a unified platform.
Information for this post was gathered from EPOS Now, Beyonks trusted EPOS partner- read more here
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