How to Find a Canoe or Kayak Club Near Me

Finding a canoe or kayak club near me has never been easier. Search below for your local club on our interactive map and get involved today. We've pulled together the largest range of clubs across the UK to make it easier to find your local club.


What are Canoe and Kayak Clubs?

Asking what Canoe and Kayak Clubs are may sound like a basic question, but it's important to note many canoe and kayak clubs are volunteer-led. Although there are often charges for sessions or longer courses, it's often to pay the bills of the club rather than to make a profit. This means, they're often quite informal and can all differ largely as to the set-up, size of the club and the resources. Many don't have websites but facebook groups and have poor visibility online. That shouldn't put you off getting involved, for whats lacking online, is more than made up for offline!

Interactive map of Canoe and Kayak Clubs Near Me

We've compiled all the kayak and canoe clubs we know about across the UK and added to a map to make it easier to get involved with kayaking and canoeing.

Click the icons to see more detail, including being able to find the website or facebook group of each club to talk to them directly.

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What to expect when joining your local Canoe or Kayak club?

Joining your local canoe or kayak club can be a great way to get involved with the sport, get social and have something in the calendar to look forward to each week. It can be a great way to end a day (or start one), by floating around on a river, seeing stunning scenery and being able to unwind from the day at work.

You'll have to check their websites first as they often have set ways to get involved with them. Many clubs run beginner sessions or 'learn to paddle courses' throughout the year, so you'll be with a group of people who are new to the sport. Over a series of weeks and months you'll do more and more canoeing or kayaking and you'll be taught skills to become independent. Some clubs also offer taster sessions, so you can try it out without signing up to a whole series of courses.

There will often be weekend outings, and in the week gym sessions to build up fitness. You can expect to practice both in a pool or in lakes and rivers or the sea, depending on where you're based and what your clubs offers.

Throughout the year, your club may arrange trips further afield to explore the best places for your sport. They're often great ways to travel with a sociable group, whilst continuing to develop skills in a new location.

Kayaking Holidays, Courses and Experience Days

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Can anyone join the local Canoe or Kayaking club?

There is a big push to make the sport accessible and inclusive to all and being a 'sit down' sport, the fitness requirements are less competitive as other sports. You don't need to be an athlete to get involved. Some level of mobility and general fitness should set you up well to get involved. If you have injuries or disabilities, its worth speaking to the club captain to see how they can factor this in to your club membership with any bespoke training or assistance. Don't let this put you off!

Clubs can support varying age ranges. There are no set minimum ages, but above 10 years old seems to be common, as often the equipment isn't suitable for smaller children and sessions can run on up to 10pm on the evenings some times. Often under 16's may need to be accompanied by adults, so make sure to check with the club requirements. There is no max age range, all are welcome to get involved.

What kit/equipment do I need for canoe or kayak clubs?

Most clubs provide all the necessary kit and equipment, making it easy for you to just turn up and have fun. The kit they provide will vary on the type of boat and location of activity, but can be paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks and waterproof paddling tops ('cags'). As you improve, you may decide to invest in your own kit. Often you're able to store boats at your local club for a fee.

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