Beyonk working with AHOEC

We're passionate about driving the participation in activity outdoors for both mental and physical health which is more important now than ever before, since the country and World has been isolating to limit the spread of Coronavirus. The Beyonk founder is so passionate about supporting people get outdoors he set a World Record & ran a campaign to raise awareness that 75% of kids spend less time outdoors than prison inmates.

In order to help the outdoor recreation industry open up, we've been working closely with the Outdoor Industries Association and other bodies to plan re-opening and support to workers in the industry. One specific package of support Beyonk would like to open up is to The Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres (AHOEC).


Supporting AHOEC to open up post Covid-19 restrictions

When Coronavirus restrictions allow you to reopen, Beyonk is offering AHOEC two things:

1) A completely free booking system, up to £325k in transaction volumes covered for 100 activity centres including Beyonk paying Stripe payment processing fees. Our booking system looks like this , or read more about our booking system .

2) Driving participation of your activities, events and adventures, through our partnership with Ordnance Survey and the GetOutside campaign; National Parks and leading UK tourist boards who will all be sharing activities uploaded to Beyonk. Read more on our distribution here.

This aims to a) reduce your costs of operating and b) drive greater participation to help you recover from lost business due to coronavirus. Obviously when people will be able to open will differ based on the activities on offer so we're extending this offer through the whole of 2020.

Why Get Involved?

- It takes just 6 minutes from start to finish to upload an experience and add the booking system to your website

- If you already have a booking system, you can just upload activities to Beyonk, to drive participation, without using the Beyonk booking system (we have a process that ensures you cannot get double bookings). Your experiences will be shared across our distribution network

- We can help more people get involved and change lives through adventurous activities

- We're constantly building our booking solution, so we will work with you to build it to meet your requirements

- After 2020, fees are just 2% per booking, or £25 monthly. (All bookings also incur the normal 2% stripe fee for payment processing). A super cheap and effective way to manage your business and optimise your online operations

- We're passionate about supporting providers in the industry and consumers alike

How to get involved?

- Sign up and add your experiences direct here.

- Schedule a call to discuss more