Through the smoke and mirrors - How to really assess online booking partners for Destinations

What should you look for when measuring success of online booking initiatives before you decide to work with one provider over another?

With new entrants into online booking for tourist boards, there can be a lot of hype around results and traction. Here we seek to demystify what good looks like and how to assess whether a solution will work for your business members or whether multiple solutions may be needed.

assessing tourist board booking systems

How the solution looks on your website?

The online booking space is incredibly competitive and users expect a lot. Trust, speed, ease of use and convenience are vital to get consumers to book. How easy is it to book with businesses on your website and especially on mobile? Would you book through your website if you were visiting the area? If the answer is no, then it’s likely many others wouldn’t book too.

Beyonk has invested heavily in watching millions of website users interact with our software enabling us to optimise our booking technology for a slick user experience on all devices. When 50% of users won’t wait over 3 seconds for a page to load, and when 60% of people will decide not to buy if they have to ‘create an account’ – it’s vital research and development into improving booking technology that we pride ourselves on – setting everyone up for success. Before you decide to work with a booking system provider, look at the live examples first.

Booking system for tourist boards

What are the previous track record and success stories?

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, but it gives peace of mind, by going with a provider who already has success stories under their belt. What are the hard cold facts that have been delivered with others who have signed up?

At Beyonk, each of our partners has generated the most amount of bookable experiences in their region creating the leading booking platforms by the amount of choice. Businesses have generated on average 19% more online bookings, up to 48% more bookings over 2020. Our results speak for themselves, but we’re at the tip of the iceberg. We’re continuing to invest and optimise to significantly improve these results. Ask other's who've signed up if they can recommend your booking system provider to be sure in the decision you're making.

How many businesses are active – not ‘signed up’?

Look at how many businesses are actively using the system and have live availability on your website. Not how many are ‘Signed up’. It’s easy to get a ‘yes’, but the value here is in getting business's buy-in and on-going engagement.

Who are you partnering with?

When there’s lots of businesses coming together to provide a solution, with international businesses and consultants it can dilute ownership and collaboration. At Beyonk, you’re partnering with one company, passionate about providing the full end to end technology, support, and onboarding. We’re always on hand to help, you have a dedicated point of contact and we’re a UK business built for the UK market to support local businesses with fair rates.

How many businesses will be able to use the system?

Some solutions integrate directly to booking systems which provide a good solution for those using the specific booking systems but can be at the detriment of those not using a compatible system. The experience booking market is highly fragmented so a solution needs to be open to all. At Beyonk, we provide a simple way to upload spare tickets in minutes or offer ‘pending bookings’ so businesses can only accept bookings when it works for them. We work with leading UK attractions to small businesses, showing our system as a great way to get started selling tickets through your DMO. What's more? We have a slick easy-to-use booking system for those looking for an upgrade without any monthly fees, sign-up fees, and fair commissions. Our solution was built to work for the majority.

Business booking system

What are businesses saying?

Most importantly of all, get your members to check out the system before you decide who to work with and hear how your members will likely receive the solution. It needs to work for businesses and they need to be keen to get involved.

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