How Online Ticket Selling is making tourism and leisure businesses more successful

This article outlines the benefits of online ticket selling and how it’s making successful companies even more successful. If you want to get set up for online ticket selling quickly, without any costs and with a great support team, then sign up here.

Online ticket selling for the tourism and leisure industry is becoming increasingly paramount when it comes to growing a business and remaining at the front and centre of modern purchasing habits. As with a lot of other industries, your customers are wanting more online availability and an easier way to book and pay for your experiences.

So, for businesses who are selling tours and activities we have listed some of the ways in which your peers in the industry are already benefiting from selling their tickets online.

How Online Ticket Selling is making tourism and leisure businesses more successful

Online ticket selling stops no shows and avoids drop-off

The biggest benefit of online booking is that it ensures your customers pay upfront, so if they don’t show up due to poor weather, or decide to pull out - you’ve already been paid and you’re protected by your cancellation terms.

From historic houses, to gardens, attractions and activity providers, this is the single greatest benefit for all. What’s more, the number of people who book with you from an initial enquiry is much lower than a customer who can book instantly. Booking instantly locks in commitment and avoids the chance for loss of interest or booking something else!

Online ticket selling, on your own website

So, you've worked hard on our website, it looks great, you’ve added lots of content and  information about your experience, you’ve written your terms and conditions and included lots of amazing, enticing pictures, but what about booking, are you asking them to call you, or email you. Satisfying your visitors online is essential for them to take that next step, but if that next step isn't as easy as a few clicks of a button then it may be a step they never take. With online ticket selling you give the customer that final stage, generating more conversions from your own website visitors.

Online ticket selling on your own website

Promoting your tickets online

There are always going to be competitors and businesses trying to shout the loudest for attention. So once you have your tickets online you'll really want to be promoting them to gain even more bookings through your online booking system.

Partnering with a Tourism and Leisure booking system like Beyonk, allows you to not only sell your tickets online but also tap into their leading UK distribution network made up of local tourist boards, national parks and nationwide accommodation providers, all promoting your tickets through their channels and millions of visitors and selling more online tickets for your business.

Beyonk Leading UK Distribution Network

Real time online ticket management

The booking system that you use for selling your tickets online also gives you a full suit of business management tools so that you can easily and efficiently manage your ticket sales, pricing, dates, times and your customer details. All with a few clicks, which updates all in real time and syncs to your website and all your distribution channels.

Real time online ticket selling and management with Beyonk

Ticket scanning made easy

With a booking system like Beyonk it couldn't be easier to scan and check in your visitors that have tickets which have been purchased online.

Each online ticket that has been purchased by a customer contains a QR code. This code can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet and is a quick and secure way to check in your visitors and update your booking system in real time.

When a ticket is scanned you can see all the details on your device including name, what experience they have booked and for what time and date. Less queues, less admin and less costs on expensive scanning devices.

Beyonk QR code online ticket scanning

There are lots of reasons why online ticket selling is loved by the tourism and leisure industry but if you would like to learn more about what benefits you can achieve then please request a call back here.

Or why not sign up for free with the Beyonk here booking system and try it out for yourself with no contract or credit card details needed.