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Adventure Photography Course

  • Location Wales
  • Price from £289.00


Learn the fundamentals of adventure photography whilst exploring the mountains of Snowdonia. This two day course will give you the knowledge and practical skills to develop your portfolio for travel, outdoor sports or journalism. Suitable for beginners.
During this 2 day course you will learn about: the technology in your camera, how to use light, picture composition, photo editing, how to develop your own style, observation, wider adventure camera kit, how to shoot adventure activities, and skills for accessing the mountains - including basic navigation and also how to pack your expedition camera kit.
The course is suitable for beginners, although a basic understanding of your camera would really help you to get the most out of the practical sessions. With a small group size of just 12, led by a qualified and experienced instructor, you'll be able to get personal feedback on your work throughout the course.
You'll get involved in lots of practical exercises using the camera in the field and also have an evening session to review the images taken by the group. The course will have three main themes - The Photography, The Planning, and The Practical - which will be discussed through the weekend with a formal session on Saturday morning.
  1. The Photography

To take great photos you need to understand a few technical bits, which - once mastered - will improve your confidence no end! We will take you through the fundamentals of photography including:
Camera anatomy - the settings and controls on your digital camera.
Camera functions - how the different settings affect the photographs you take, including ISO, Exposure & Aperture, Image Quality.
Composition – how to find order in disorder, build structure and create dramatic adventure photographs.
Light - the basics of harnessing natural light or light sources to the best effect, in order to create the image or to shoot the activity that you want to capture.
Post processing - the basics of the Lightroom for image editing and storage.
  1. The Planning

There are many things you can’t plan; the majority of great photos are a combination of luck and knowledge combined. To create these shots, one needs to be able to predict certain conditions, which relies on research and a dash of luck. We'll help you:
Tell your story: Develop your style and your story, shift from taking a snap to thinking about what you want to create, whether it be a dramatic magazine shot, or a photograph that has a narrative behind it. We will help you look at the image you want to create through both a journalistic, documentary-style approach and ‘a moment in time’ adventure shot.
Take the right kit: From minimalist kit on extreme expeditions, where you need to travel light with a single lens, to a trip with various subject matters where more kit will be needed. We will help you to plan what gear to take on your shoot, consider the merits of different cameras and also look at batteries, memory cards and filters.
Find the right bag: Now you know which gadgets to take with you, we will take you through the best ways to care for and carry your precious kit on your journey.
Determine the conditions: What local conditions do you need to be aware of, from weather, temperature, tides, sunsets, to local customs and laws. These need to be considered to get the most out of your photo adventure.
  1. The Practical

Now that you understand your equipment and have planned what you want to capture and convey, nothing can beat being out in the field. We'll cover:
Navigation: Using maps to ensure you can get access to the places you need to get to. We will help you use a map to consider the local terrain to help with your location planning and access.
Observation: Plan to give yourself opportunities to observe, in order to capture the images that you desire.
Adventure activities: We will have the opportunity to shoot an activity taking place on location in the field, most likely to be mountain biking.
Getting out there. Most of all we want to equip you with the confidence and motivation to get out there. Your adventure portfolio will only consist of amazing images if you get up, get outside, do something, and photograph it.

Day 1

Arrive from 6 pm, with an introduction and course overview at 7 pm.

Day 2

In the morning there will be a Technical and Planning Session. In the afternoon will be a Photography Field Practical. In the evening, there will be a group session, whereby we will review the photographs of the day, and reflect on what we’ve learned.

Day 3

We’ll head out early to capture sunrise during another Photography Field Practical. We’ll return around 3 pm for a wrap up before leaving.

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Comfort Accommodation

Comfortable lodge at the foot of the Carneddau, an ideal location for walking in Snowdonia and perfect for capturing all the nearby adventure activities.

    What's included

  • Food 2 x breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings 1 x home-cooked dinner on Saturday night
  • Other 2 full days and an evening of technical adventure photography tuition with a professional adventure photographer & Mountain Leader

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Waterproofs
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Other Your own digital camera, lenses, filters, tripods, camera bag, memory cards, battery charger (and any other accessories) Snacks and flask (to carry a hot drink) for when you're out on practical field sessions. Packed lunches.


Custom Policy

  • Cancel before 31 days of your adventure and receive a 75% refund (minus payment processing fees).
  • Cancel within 30 days of the adventure with no refund.
  • Alternate dates may be able to be agreed at no additional cost, but this is not guaranteed.




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