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Bushcraft Course In Isle Of Ely

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Bushcraft Course In Isle Of Ely

What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is the art of wilderness survival skills, i.e. using skills to survive in the natural environment. The more skills and knowledge you have, the less tools needed to survive and the more you can thrive of the natural environment. Bushcraft courses are excellent days that provide memorable experiences with a feeling of ‘rewilding’ yourself. The combination of a digital detox, spending time in the great outdoors and learning new skills are making bushcraft courses grow in popularity.

What do you learn in Bushcraft?

No bushcraft course is the same. Depending on where your bushcraft course is located and who your instructor is, you can expect a new experience each time. In general, a bushcraft course will show you how to build shelter, how to light fire and how to find food (hunting, trapping and gathering) and how to find and purify water, as the three main survival skills needed. It’s much more than that though, it’s about learning how to be adaptable, self-sufficient, resilient and gain confidence. It’s a powerful feeling to get back to human’s most basic way of living and learn skills that have been forgotten by the mass population over time.

Where can I do bushcraft near me?

Bushcraft is practised all across the UK, often in forests as these provide the best resources to practice shelter-building, creating a fire and foraging. Search through our list of Bushcraft courses Near me or use our map to find your local area to get involved.

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