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Primal Bushcraft

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About Primal Bushcraft

With over 22 years of military experience, Matt has extensive knowledge of survival skills and adventure leading and runs Primal Bushcraft with a team of highly qualified leaders. A keen outdoorsman who loves to travel, whether it’s kayaking in Norway, trekking in Morocco, or wild camping in Scotland.

Booking Policy

All of the above are subject to health & safety guidelines being issued by the Scottish Government. 1.Located in Dalkeith Country Park, Edinburgh, Primal Bushcraft and Survival is an outdoors education company who deliver half, full, 2 day (overnight) Bushcraft, Archery and outdoor training for families, corporate, schools, cadet forces and youth groups across the UK.
  1. Prior to attending Primal’s archery range payment can be made at the kiosk before entering the Adventure Park or at the Archery Range and is non-refundable. The following costs apply.

a. 12 arrows = £5 Time 15 minutes b. 25 arrows = £10 Time 30 minutes: (Can only be purchsed between 10am and 11am and between 4pm and 5pm.) c. 55 arrows = £20 Time 60 minutes. (Can only be purchsed between 10am and 11am and between 4pm and 5pm.)
  1. On arrival at the Archery range participants will be given a range safety brief. If the range is full individuals will be permitted to wait until a lane becomes available.
a. A refund will not be given if a participant does not take part in the archery session due to non-arrival, or being under the influence of alcohol / drugs. b. Times for archery sessions are flexible and work on a first come first served basis. c. No one suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to shoot. d. Primal Bushcraft & Survival Ltd. is not liable to any losses or damage to clothing, footwear or personal effects. e. It is the responsibility of any participant to inform the instructor if they have any illness, disability or injury. f. Primal Bushcraft & Survival will not cancel an archery group booking session due to poor weather, unless there are extreme circumstances. Primal Bushcraft & Survival will attempt to contact all attendees provided that the correct contact details have been provided. g. Every effort will be made to provide a bow to clients with the correct bow and draw weight poundage. h. Any participants not following safety instructions will be asked to leave by a member of Staff and no refund will be given. i. Safety will be paramount at all times and all participants must follow instructors direction at all times. j. No one is to ever point a bow and arrow at anyone is jest. This will result in removal from the range. k. Arrows should always be loaded whilst pointing in a safe direction down the range at all times.
  1. In the case of intentional damage to property, Primal Bushcraft & Survival will pursue those responsible for compensation.

a. All participants must be aged 4 years and over. b. Any participants under 14 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult throughout the session. c. Some of the archery areas are covered, but you will still be outside for some of the event time. Suitable clothing could include: d. Trainers, walking boots and wellies are ideal. e. A waterproof jacket is advisable if rain is forecast (it may get muddy). f. Flexible clothing to allow arm movement.

Cancellation Policy

Custom Policy

  • Cancel before 31 days of your adventure and receive a 75% refund (minus payment processing fees).
  • Cancel within 30 days of the adventure with no refund.
  • Alternate dates may be able to be agreed at no additional cost, but this is not guaranteed.