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Sell more tickets online and minimise admin with Beyonk’s all-in-one ticketing system for craft fairs. Simple and easy set up. Industry-low fees.

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Online ticketing for art and craft fairs

Let your creative juices flow, and sell tickets online with Beyonk - a beautifully crafted booking system that makes managing online bookings a breeze. Are you looking for a truly simple and powerful booking software to help you take your business to the next level?

From small to enterprise level, Beyonk has booking solutions to suit all types of businesses. Our team of experts are available to show you the perfect fit from our selection of specialist tools.

Access advanced ticketing features such as channel manager where you can sell tickets via many popular and well known travel agents such as TripAdvisor and Expedia. Other powerful features include point of sale, staff scheduling, resource management and gift vouchers. Let’s not forget our Zapier integration, which allows you to connect your Beyonk account to over 5,000 external apps for better business management and automated workflows.

At Beyonk, we strive to go beyond just ticket sales, it’s our goal to add value to your business wherever you can. That’s why we go the extra mile to help you increase revenue whilst reducing admin.

Join Beyonk and use a booking system that even Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of.

Massimizzare le entrate attraverso l'upselling, il cross selling e i buoni regalo.

Beyonk makes it easy to customise the booking journey so you can earn more with every purchase. 

Include additional services during the checkout process to encourage customers to upgrade their experience with extras such as an onsite lunch or a premium drinks package. You can also set up gift vouchers with the click of a button in your Beyonk account. 

Additionally, you can encourage more visitors with group discounts or create your own membership tiers for an enhanced experience.

Includere le domande di checkout

Do you need to ask your customers additional information prior to their arrival? Don’t worry, at Beyonk, you can include questions during the checkout process to ensure you have everything you need.

From asking for a t-shirt size, to defining a meal menu, to encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter, there’s no limit on how you can use these.


Soluzioni di biglietteria per eventi facili e veloci

Get the most out of your new booking system when you choose Beyonk’s. Our software is completely free to use and you can utilise our app store to enable more complex ticketing features such as Zapier integration, point of sale and channel manager.

These add-ons are free to use and require no upgrading or membership fees. We enable you to customise the booking journey to your liking and allow you to set everything up prior to putting your tickets live to save you further admin responsibilities.

Funzionalità del carrello della spesa

Did you know that one of the biggest factors to an increase in online sales is the fact customers find online shopping to be a more convenient way to buy?

That’s why we’ve enabled your customers to utilise our shopping cart in order to purchase more than one experience with you, including any add-ons such as gift vouchers and check out in a single purchase.


Caratteristiche della biglietteria


Assistenza clienti impareggiabile

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions or help you to learn more about your system.


Ridurre l'amministrazione con le e-mail automatiche

Reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks by automating the booking journey with personalised, automated emails.


Economico e senza costi nascosti

We’re upfront about our fees. You won’t have to pay a penny until you take a booking and we offer industry-low rates.


Codici QR e scansione

Make the admission process seamless by utilising our QR codes for welcoming guests.


Reportistica aziendale e analisi delle vendite

Keep track of your financials and business health with our integrated reporting analytics.


Cliente self-service

Our software makes it easy for customers to find and book experiences without support.

Perché Beyonk?

Are you wondering how Beyonk stands out from the crowd? We’re the leading modern booking platform on the market, giving small, medium and large businesses the tools they need to deliver excellent experiences.


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Beyonk è una soluzione che cambia le carte in tavola per la prenotazione di tour, ogni azienda dovrebbe averla! Fantastico e così facile da navigare.

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