Garden and Historical Tour Booking Solution

Covering your historic house and garden tours and events, Beyonk is the best online ticketing system for historic house and garden providers looking to reduce employee administration tasks.

  • Un parcours de réservation unique sur le marché qui permet de passer à la caisse 70 % plus rapidement

  • Disponibilité des réservations en temps réel

  • Plate-forme mobile entièrement optimisée

  • Des analyses et des informations robustes sur les données

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Historic Houses And Gardens Ticketing System

Are you currently operating under a manual booking process? Is your staff spending hours a day on general administrative tasks? We can help.

At Beyonk, we're dedicated to transforming the world of booking management into a seamless, efficient, and truly remarkable experience. Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that both businesses and customers can navigate effortlessly. Whether you're crafting an event or making a booking, our user-friendly interface ensures that every step is intuitive, saving you time and minimizing hassle.

Unleash your creativity with our versatile ticketing options. Create any ticket type you envision – from exclusive RHS member passes to inventive offers like gardeners 2-for-1 deals. We've got you covered with options like free admission for disabled attendees, as well as standard categories for adults, concessions, and children. Yes, even £0 tickets are fully supported, underscoring our commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of your audience.

Our dynamic customer portal is a game-changer for your ticketing and booking management within your house and garden. With seamless integration, you can effortlessly add and manage bookings directly from your dashboard. We understand that your time is valuable, so our tools are engineered to let you focus on crafting exceptional experiences, whilst our software handles the rest. Say goodbye to manual check-ins and embrace our cutting-edge QR checkin-in solution for swift, secure, and contactless entry.

Discover limitless engagement possibilities with our memberships and seasonal passes feature that helps to foster loyalty and reward your customers. And for every unscheduled walk-in, our powerful Point of Sale (POS) system steps in to handle transactions flawlessly. 

Experience the future of booking management for your Historic House with Beyonk, where innovation meets simplicity, and your success is our top priority.

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Simplicity redefined: A seamless platform for all

Beyonk takes pride in offering a truly user-friendly platform that caters to both businesses and their valued customers. Our intuitive interface ensures that navigating the system is a breeze, whether you're a business owner crafting events or a customer making bookings.

We're committed to streamlining the process from start to finish, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for all users.

Unleash creativity with flexible ticketing options

At Beyonk, we empower businesses to design their ticketing strategies with absolute freedom. Create any ticket type you can imagine – from membership passes to unique offers like 2-for-1 deals, and even free admission options.

With us, even £0 tickets are easily accommodated, ensuring you can meet the diverse needs of your audience.


Effortless event management with a dynamic customer portal

Our dynamic customer portal integration sets the stage for seamless event management. Within your dashboard, effortlessly add and manage new events in a matter of minutes and without needing to wait for tech support, thereby streamlining your event creation process. 

Beyonk understands that time is precious, so we've designed our tools to ensure you can focus on creating remarkable experiences.

Seamless access with industry-leading QR capability

Beyonk pioneers the field of event access with our industry-leading QR capabilities. Elevate your event experience by offering guests swift, secure, and contactless entry using QR codes. 

Say goodbye to manual check-ins, and embrace a cutting-edge solution that ensures efficient admission while keeping everyone safe.


Unlock endless engagement with memberships and seasonal passes

Beyonk opens the door to make lasting connections through our memberships and seasonal passes feature. Create bespoke membership programs that help foster loyalty and reward your customers.

Seasonal passes offer a gateway to unforgettable experiences, all managed seamlessly on our platform. Connect with your audience on a deeper level and provide them with unmatched value.

Empower your sales with Beyonk's POS system

In the world of event management, every sale matters. Beyonk equips businesses with a powerful Point of Sale (POS) system that seamlessly integrates with our platform. 

It handles transactions with ease, enabling you to maximise revenue potential while delivering a seamless purchasing experience to your customers.

Fonctionnalités de la billetterie


We're Gift-aid friendly

Notre système vous permet d'accepter les dons au titre de l'aide au don lors du processus de paiement.


Créer plusieurs types de tickets

Craft any ticket type with ease using Beyonk, giving you the flexibility to tailor your events exactly the way you envision.


Portail client dynamique

Harness the power of our dynamic customer portal and effortlessly add new events directly from your dashboard for ultimate convenience.


Une capacité QR à la pointe de l'industrie

Lead the industry with Beyonk's cutting-edge QR capability, revolutionizing event check-ins and access control.


Adhésions et abonnements saisonniers

Create memberships and seasonal passes for your loyal customers to encourage repeat visits and word of mouth marketing.


Point de vente (POS)

Experience our swift and efficient Point of Sale tool that optimizes your event sales process.

Pourquoi Beyonk ?

Here at Beyonk, we don't just want to make your daily administrative operations more efficient, we want to showcase your events and tours to a wider audience and help you maximize your revenue opportunities. 

That's why we've partnered with a number of companies in the tourism industry who actively work to promote your business and allow you to reach new audiences. We think you're great and we want to show everyone what you have to offer.


Ce que disent nos clients


Très impressionné - Facile à mettre en place, facile à gérer depuis le tableau de bord et excellent support. Il a simplifié nos processus administratifs de manière massive, je le recommande vivement.

Joanne at Melbourne Hall


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Sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your options. That's why we offer a free consultation with a specialist member of our team to talk you through your options and even provide you with a live demonstration of our online ticketing system. Book a meeting with us today to find out how Beyonk can support your business.

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