Wild Futures' The Monkey Sanctuary transitions to online booking with Beyonk

Discover why Wild Futures’ The Monkey Sanctuary moved to online bookings with Beyonk due to the easy-to-use system and customer service.


Wild Futures is a primate welfare and conservation charity situated on the South East coast of Cornwall at their flagship project The Monkey Sanctuary. The Monkey Sanctuary is home to 40 monkeys rescued from lives of abuse in the UK primate pet trade. Found between Looe and Seaton, this Sanctuary has been operating since 1964, and is open to the public between April and October.

A perfect attraction for families to take a tour of the monkey enclosure and learn more about the different species of the rescued monkeys. Kids can enjoy the wildlife play area, as well as take a stroll through the beautiful wildlife gardens.

Die Herausforderung

Before 2020, The Monkey Sanctuary relied solely on walk-in bookings without an online system in place. However, the onset of the pandemic prompted a crucial need for change. With a 16-month closure due to the pandemic, reopening posed challenges, particularly in safeguarding the monkeys by limiting visitor numbers and dispersing them evenly throughout the day.

The necessity to manage visitor flow and ensure safety led The Monkey Sanctuary to seek an online solution. Beyonk emerged as the perfect fit to aid in managing visitor allocation and adapting to the new operational demands. This transition to online booking became a pivotal move for The Monkey Sanctuary's operations during and after the pandemic-induced closures.


Wie wir geholfen haben

The implementation of an online booking system transformed The Monkey Sanctuary's operations. The user-friendly software facilitated seamless experiences for both customers and the sanctuary's team, enabling effortless changes and efficient visitor management upon arrival.

Beyonk's user-friendly interface, coupled with exceptional customer service, left a lasting impression on The Monkey Sanctuary team. The ease of use and supportive customer service proved instrumental in enhancing their operational efficiency, allowing for smoother management of experiences at the sanctuary.

Beyonk’s easy-to-use system and stellar customer service won over The Monkey Sanctuary team


It is easy-to-use for both us and customers who are trying to buy their tickets. Beyonk offers great customer service, anything I’ve had an issue with, there's always been somebody there

Sarah Hanson of Wild Futures


Die Ergebnisse

The operational transformations and user-friendly interface of the Beyonk online booking platform is a benefit to both customers and the sanctuary's team, motivating them to continue utilizing online bookings even after lockdown restrictions were eased.

The Monkey Sanctuary's shift to an online booking system provided a unique experience despite the absence of a previous system for comparison. As a charity dedicated to not-for-profit initiatives, their accomplishments and successes primarily revolve around their charitable mission's impact and achievements, rather than specific software transitions.

Beyonk’s customer service was very supportive and allowed them to run their experiences more efficiently.


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