Beyonk is the Best Alternative to a Bokun Booking System

Is a Bokun booking system the right choice for your business? Compare Beyonk to Bokun and discover why we could be the perfect solution for your business needs.

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Compare: Bokun vs Beyonk

Bokun was a feature-rich booking system provider which was purchased by TripAdvisor. If you’re looking for a more user-friendly system with proactive customer support then thats where Beyonk can help.

Beyonk is a fast and compact system designed to fit seamlessly on your existing website. Our platform is not only easy-to-use but provides powerful features without complicated pricing. There’s no unfriendly contracts or long integration times. We’ve made it easier to get started and manage your booking system from any device, anywhere in the world.

Best of all, we actively work on your behalf to help you be seen by in-market customers. We’ve partnered with leading tourist boards and online travel agents to help you expand your online visibility and customer reach. Beyonk is the simple yet powerful booking system to help you delight your customers, maximise your revenue & reduce your admin.

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Robust ticketing tools

Choosing Beyonk as your booking system provider unlocks a multitude of powerful tools to help your business grow. Gain access to tools such as staff scheduling, resource management, point of sale, Zapier integration, gift vouchers, customised emails and much more.

Go further with your marketing efforts by opting to enable our channel manager integration. This allows you to share your ticket listings across multiple online travel agent websites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia and GetYourGuide to increase your online visibility and reach a whole new audience looking for things to do in the UK.

Cost-effective with no hidden fees

Many activity businesses have down seasons where they get little to no bookings. For example, pumpkin picking and Christmas event providers generally operate a couple of months during the year. This means a monthly subscription from your booking system can end up costing you more than it’s worth.

With Beyonk, you only pay a small fee when you receive bookings and you’re in full control of whether you want to absorb the cost, or pass the booking fee onto your customers. It’s completely your choice.

We also offer industry-low rates and the opportunity to upgrade to share your ticket listings across our distribution network and popular online travel agents.

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This is the Beyonk difference...

Modern and simple

We don’t offer fax or pager functionality. Our pages don’t take ages to load. Managing your business is not a chore. Beyonk is the modern platform built to make managing your business a breeze.

Proactive customer support and success

Our team of experts are highly accessible and keen to help you succeed. You don’t have to pay more for a special service, we’re here to support you and be your biggest fans so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time working on office admin and ticket selling, management and processing.

We won’t be beaten on price

Our pricing aims to make sure the value gained far-exceeds the cost. If you find a comparable service at cheaper rates, we’ll strive to price-match.


Whenever we add new features, we ensure the simplicity of our software isn’t compromised. You can rest assured you’ll have a feature-rich system that’s straightforward to use and user-friendly for both customers and providers.

Not a brand diluter

We don’t force customers off your website onto ours to book which significantly damages conversion. We don’t force customers to create an account with us before booking. With Beyonk you have a deeply integrated booking experience to promote your brand.

Not a big implementation project

Beyonk is quick and easy to get set up with. Start using it for free and only pay when you get paid. Simple, effortless and here to help. We import all your data and ensure there is a seamless integration and all staff have what they need.

We don’t promise the world and give you an atlas

We know what we’re good at and we stick to that. For more functionality you can use our Zapier integration for access to rich CRMs, Waivers and more so you get the best of both worlds.

Truly independent software with no hidden agenda

Unlike the major online travel agencies, we aren’t gathering data to see what’s popular to use against you. We’re here to support your business and help you maximise your revenue and online reach.

We don’t compete against you

We don’t advertise against you and drive prices up for your search term. Everything we do is about driving direct bookings to you, and avoiding you having to pay high-fees to the major online travel agencies.


At Beyonk, we’re dedicated to creating the most seamless booking experience possible. That’s why ease of use and adding value is at the forefront of everything we do. Find a solution to your ticketing needs with Beyonk.

What our customers say

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The integration with our website was very easy and the support where we have been unsure is excellent.

Mark at Keswick Climbing Wall

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Our partners

We’ve partnered with a number of organisations in the tourism industry who, like us, are passionate about helping businesses showcase everything their events and activities have to offer.

Our partners will help you maximise ticket sales by introducing your business to a wider audience.

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