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Belfast City Cemetery Virtual Video Tour (Pay per view)

  • Location Belfast
  • Price from £9.99


Belfast is known for its turbulent past. Interred within Belfast City Cemetery's hallowed grounds lays the men and women, orange or green, Jewish or dissenter, the rich or the destitute of Belfast society. Each of their stories are important ones to tell, suffragettes, pioneers of education, men and women of both world wars , victims of our turbulent pasts, victims of the titanic, Irish speakers, sports people, poets as well as the the ordinary folk of Belfast: the fathers, the mothers, the brothers, sisters, cousins and that old favorite granny. 

 This unique historical history video tour of Belfast City Cemetery can be brought directly to you.  Your 7 day pass entitles you to watch and re-watch this fascinating video.

Choose one of 3 ticket types, individual, a small business/charity or corporate. Once you have purchased your ticket you will be sent and email giving you a URL video link and a unique pass-code


Video Information
Title: 'Back In Time' - A Tour of Belfast City Cemetery.
Presenter: Dara Barrett
Duration: 30 mins Approx.
Video Type: Pay Per View Virtual Video Tour.
Available Ticket Types: Individual £9.99 / Small Business or Charity £19.99 / Corporate £49.99


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