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Wild Gardening - The practicalities -- 24th September

  • Location Abergavenny
  • Price from £80.00


Another new workshop for 2023 is one that I have been meaning to put together for a while. Recent conversations with my good gardening friend, Debbie Wilson, has finally given me the inspiration to add ‘Wild Gardening – the practicalities’ to the list. Debbie and I will deliver this together. Debbie has always gardened, but when she moved to South Wales and was confronted with managing 6 acres, she began to develop, through a lot of trial and error, a much more experimental, ecological approach to developing her garden which includes young woodland, a hay meadow and an orchard, as well as a more formal ornamental and vegetable garden. In this workshop she will share her 12 years’ experience of the practical challenges of wild gardening - successes as well as failures! I’m sure this forum/discussion/workshop will appeal to others who are looking at managing their own spaces, big or small, in a wilder kind of way. Debbie will be sharing her experiences, and I will be facilitating discussions on Sunday the 24th of September.
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