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Laser Games - 1 hour

  • Location Barnstaple
  • Price from £15.00


Survival laser games is an outdoors combat all weather activity; play in natural woodlands with towers, bunkers and various buildings, where you can experience the adrenaline of laser combat, the game where everyone is equal. Our guns have a massive range and are programmed for different scenarios such as domination, free for all, zombie attack and hunt the sniper! Suitable for age 7 +

On arrival, you are kitted out with Camouflage overalls, given a safety talk and shown how the laser guns work. The marshal will explain the game scenario and off to battle we go. 

Laser games is totally safe and is great for birthday parties, schools and colleges, as well for adult’s parties, stag do's, hen do's and ideal for corporate events. Realistic sounding Hi-tech guns fire a harmless infra-red beam (similar to TV remote) to a range of 400 meters.

  • Unlimited Ammo and plenty of lives and respawns to suit each game;
  • Semi-automatic, fully automatic and burst fire of three shots;
  • On gun sight with red dot;
  • Freshly laundered fatigues;
  • Experienced, friendly marshals;
  • Undercover picnic areas;
  • BBQ facilities available - just bring BBQ coal and food!


    What's included

  • Equipment Laser gun per player
  • Other On site toilet facilities

    What you'll need

  • Other Suitable Footwear (walking boots/old trainers/wellies)


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