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  • Location Castleton, Hope Valley. Derbyshire
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Peak Cavern & Interior in Association with Earth Agency welcome Buzzcocks 

Buzzcocks were one of the most influential bands to emerge in the initial wave of British punk rock. Largely eschewing politics, they instead brought an intense, brilliant vigour to the three-minute pop song, powered alternately funny and anguished lyrics about adolescence and love, backed by melodies and hooks that were concise and memorable. Few have had the longevity and sustained creative energy to produce the seemingly endless stream of truly original and fantastic pop songs that Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle have consistently delivered over the last four decades. Original and best. --

 Tickets & Venue Information 
 Saturday 25 May 2024 Peak Cavern, Castleton 
 Admission is 18+ 
 Ahead of arrival, please make yourself familiar with the route (follow brown tourist signs) from Peak Cavern Car Park, S33 8WP


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Castleton, Hope Valley. Derbyshire