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Advanced Spearfishing Course

  • Location Plymouth
  • Price from £135.00


Spearfishing is a selective & sustainable method of fishing that has been used around the world for millennia, with early civilisations using sharpened sticks in local rivers and streams, though the sport has moved on a bit since then!

Dive under, explore further, and develop those skills.

We offer courses to help you gain a better understanding of breathing techniques, knowledge on maintaining and setting up your equipment, and the skills you need to hunt efficiently and safely.

Expand your knowledge and hit the open water:
– Recap basic techniques
– Pinpoint areas for improvement
– Duck diving with a speargun
– Descending with a speargun
– Ascending with a speargun
– Spearfishing techniques
– Understanding species behaviour
– Debriefing & record keeping

We also offer freediving, Spearfishing Basics Courses, and Charter Trips.

Don’t see the course you want? Need alternative dates? No problem, you can contact us for any queries or to make other arrangements.

Please note prices are non-refundable if cancelled within 24hours of event.


    What's included

  • Transportation
  • Equipment

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Other Towel, kit if you have it, face mask, hand sanitiser


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