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* Special Event * Poole's Cavern Victorian Tour: Lantern Led, Period Performance

  • Location Buxton
  • Price from £22.00


Step back in time to the nineteenth century, the cave known as Poole’s Cavern is reopening and its venerable custodian, Mr. Frank Redfern, and his son, Francis with period custodians, stand ready to extend a hearty welcome and lead you on an underground adventure, to reveal stories of how the past has been so cleverly uncovered. 

By the dim, flickering light of lanterns, they will recreate the very atmosphere that illuminated the cave a century and more in the past. 

As you venture deeper underground you will pass the Roman chamber that gave up its secrets over many years, you will pass into the Cathedral Chamber, a place of awe and wonder, adorned with coruscations of glistening formations so breathtaking, it is as if nature herself has etched her grandest masterpiece. Above, a vaulted roof, like the arches of a celestial abode, sheltering secrets and tales untold. 

But stay your steps, for there lies a tale of great intrigue! Did Mary Queen of Scots, that unhappy monarch cast her eyes upon the very pillar that now bears her name? Many have speculated but the truth remains a mystery. And what lies beyond, what secrets lie hidden from view, beyond the boulder choke. 

The tour will be darker than the regular trips underground and we will limit the tour parties to 20 in the interests of health and safety. We kindly ask customers do not use torches or mobile phones to light the way. Photography and videoing prohibited. This is a performance and we would like to maintain the authenticity of lantern led, period style tours. 

The tour will be conducted in minimal light, this means the cave will look quite different from our standard guided tours. Since many visitors may be interested in seeing the cave in more modern light each Victorian ticket will come with 50% off standard tickets voucher. A code will be given to you on arrival and can be redeemed by booking online. If you would like to see the cave in its modern glory, please book on to a standard guided tour and not this period performance. 

For this special event, we will be turning off our LED lighting system in the cave & walking along our paved path under lantern light. There are 28 steps on the tour & it will last around 45 minutes. Due to the nature of the tour, once you are past the first chamber you are along for the ride, we cannot permit you to leave the tour after our first chamber. These special tours regrettably are not for anyone with serious health issues, epilepsy, claustrophobia or nyctophobia. We are afraid that wheelchairs and pushchairs will not be permitted on our Victorian Tours due to safety reasons and the event is likewise unsuitable for children under five and pets We have made every attempt to make this event as accessible as possible, but due to the subterranean environment there are some restrictions. If you have a query, please do not hesitate to call us on 01298 26978 or email

-Very Dark environment
-7 degrees Celsius
-Not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs
-Not suitable for children under five years old
-No dogs
  • Use of torches and/or mobile phones prohibited

  • No photography or videos


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing There is a constant temperature of 7°C in the cavern, so dress warmly.
  • Other Period Clothing Welcome!


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