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Ghost Walk Private Walking Tour

  • Location Bath
  • Price from £135.00


Take a leisurely night time stroll through the haunted streets of Bath - listen to eerie stories of murder, mystery, mayhem, terrors, hauntings and ghosts. Bath has a very dark past stretching back to its foundation long before the Romans came. Being a local I heard these stories as a boy, and have some first hand experiences to share with you all too ! Things DO go bump in the night. We include tales of the execution areas, haunted pubs, the old hospital, theatre and, of course, the duelling ground where so many met a grisly end by sword or pistol!
Great photo opportunities of the city by night too.


Here on the picturesque Circuses, Crescents, Streets and Squares lie a secret history of mayhem and murder. The walk takes in many parts of the city including Bath Abbey, the Abbey Green, Queen Square, Gravel Walk, Royal Victoria Park.
After the tour, you could enjoy a drink in one of Bath's lovely, and possibly, haunted pubs!
And if you wish I am happy to customize the tour for you. Please inquire for a quote.


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  • Waterproofs
  • Other Clothing appropriate for English weather. Comfortable but trendy footwear !


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